Intervention 2012 will be hosting 2 dedicated gaming rooms with a large selection of games available for open gaming, with the rooms open all weekend long.

Intervention is happy to have Walt’s Cards and Games as it’s Gaming Vendor for 2012. Their table and sales area will be located in our dedicated Gaming Room (Madison room) at the event.

Here’s a description and more information about their store: Walt’s is your (more or less) local full-service Game Store. We carry all types of non-electronic games, Miniatures, Board Games, RPGs, and the widest selection of MTG & Yugioh singles in the area. Located off of exit 11 of I-895. 7620 German Hill Road (410) 288-7044.

Gaming Panels

Over the course of the weekend we will be hosting a series of gaming related panels in our gaming room presented by the group Mystic Station Designs:

Introduction to Gaming
Why does my daughter, son, wife, husband, dad, mom, or significant other like gaming? What types of games are there? How do I learn about gaming?
How do I know which games or type of games to play? Come join our host as he explores these and other questions.

Writing Adventures
How does one start? How does one finish writing an adventure? What types of adventures are there? Once I have finished writing the adventure, where do I go from there? What do I need to tell the players? What should I show the players? What should the players be able to figure out for themselves?
Come join our host as he explores these questions and more.

Using Real History in your Writing and Adventures
Join the discussion on using real historical events and alternate historical events in your writing and adventures. Using historical events or alternate events can assist the author on many fronts including; writing the adventure, getting the readers into the feel of the adventure, and the art of misdirection.

Women in Gaming
Do women game? Yes, they sure do. Are there woman in the gaming industry or is it an all boys club? At one time it was, however, that is no longer the case. Women are an integral facet in gaming and the gaming industry in every role.

Creating and Using Maps in your Writing
Map making, what is a map? How can I use a map in my story, or in my adventure? What tools are out there to help me create maps? Join our host as he explores these and other aspects of maps in literature and gaming.

Game Demos / Events

Fluxx Fest by Looney Labs Game Technicians

Have you played the new Cthulhu Fluxx? Oz Fluxx? Star Fluxx? Join us to play your favorite versions of Fluxx or try out new versions. Never played Fluxx before? Now is a great time to learn! Fluxx is “the card game with ever-changing rules.” In addition to the original version, themed versions include Cthulhu, Pirate, Monty Python, Zombie, and more! Play at least one game with us and receive a prize.

[GURPS] Another Night Out By Steve Strote, a Steve Jackson Games ‘Men in Black’.

Length: 4 Hours
A continuing event. Unbelievably you and your friends are crouched once again next to what was your ride –this time an RPG (?) transformed your Fully Loaded Lincoln Navigator, black with tan butter-smooth leather interior etc., into a heated urban sculpture. The only casualty was the latest LT (William?), who was looking for his juice box. Home is still Pittsburgh, many klicks away via zombie-infested country. A cold rain is falling, it’s 0330, and in addition to the Dead shambling towards you, someone just blew up your ride. The big office building in front of you is where the RPG came from, but it’s the only place to make a stand, and heck – you were assigned to check it out anyway.

# of Players: 3-6. System: GURPS. And no, experience isn’t necessary. Pregens provided? Yes.
What to bring: Braaaains

Cry of the Wolf – A Living World of Chivalry & Sorcery Event
The party is at the defensive line known as the Wolf Line in the country of
Azin. Over the past few months, many things have gone wrong while the
defensive line has been under construction. In a few short days, the Duchess
of Kent one of the two nobles responsible for creating the Wolf Line will be
on site to inspect its progress. The party must solve or stop whoever or
whatever is causing the problems with the Wolf Line.

Event Time line:
11:00 a.m. Player Sign In Begins
11:00 a.m. to 02:30 p.m. Character workshop
02:30 p.m. to 02:45 p.m. Break
02:45 p.m. to 03:00 p.m. Game Introduction
03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. Game Part One
05:00 p.m. to 05:15 p.m. Break
052:15 p.m. to 07:15 p.m. Game Part Two
07:15 p.m. to 07:30 p.m. Break
07:30 p.m. to 07:45 p.m. Game Wrap Up

For additional information on the game world of Alquennas please see the
Living World of Alquennas site at:

High Frontier
Duration: 4 hours
Players: up to 5
Genre: Boardgame
Skill Level: General hobby game experience recommended. All rules will be taught.
Description: Blast off to explore and exploit the solar system in the most scientific space game ever created! Use real rocket science to design your ship, then search for the most valuable thing in space: water. Go for glory, build colonies & factories, or even attempt mega-engineering projects in the quest to rule the High Frontier.

World Conquerors
Duration: 2 hours
Players: up to 4
Genre: Boardgame
Skill Level: Novice. All rules will be taught.
Description: Try to take over the planet with the help of warlords from throughout history! You’ve played other global conquest games, but this one actively takes on the genre’s shortcomings with a short play time, no player elimination, quick combat resolution, reduced kingmaking & spoiling, and no hopeless positions. Plus, where else can you see Hitler take on Napoleon, with an assist by Catherine the Great?


Duration: 3 hours
Players: up to 8
Genre: Boardgame/RPG Hybrid
Skill Level: General hobby game experience recommended. All rules will be taught, and characters provided.
Description: A boardgame/RPG hybrid of space adventure in the grand tradition of Star Trek. Players crew a vessel in the Universal Republic Expeditionary Force on missions of galactic import. The hybrid approach deals with many traditional problems of SF RPGs and tactical consims (and believe me, I’ve played ‘em all — even designed a few). See for more information.

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