Debuts At Intervention 2012

The following items will make their debut at Intervention 2012:

From Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells (Guests):

Description: Skin Horse Volume 3. When you work for Black Ops Social Services, there’s never a slow day at the office. Maybe today’s the day the clockwork receptionist’s evil gears will kick in. Maybe the office supplies will vote to go on strike. Maybe a mad scientist will escape the facility and go on a high fashion funkadelic rampage.

But with a lot of hard work and a little bit of topless mud-wrestling, the staff of Project Skin Horse will get the job done. Civil service style.

From Fresh Dog Productions (Guests):

Description: Screening Lloyd the Conqueror, for a preview please see the trailer at Youtube: Lloyd the Conqueror Trailer

From Eric Kimball (Guest)

Description: Debuting his new children’s video “Sarah’s Missing Shadow”, playing in the video room at Intervention 2012.

From Tony DiGerolamo (Guest):

Description: Tony will be talking about his new Kickstarter campaign for his project Post Apocalyptic Nick.

From Insane Ian (Guest):

Description: Digital download codes for his yet-unavailable b-side collection ”Grand Theft Audio” will be for sale at the con.

From Chris Flick (Guest):

Description: Capes & Babes – Volume 3 on sale, titled “THAT’S why you Can’t Print FLICK!”

From Nerd Comics (Guest):

Description: Nerd Comics will be debuting their third anthology TESLA at Intervention 2012.

From Scott King (Vendor):
Holiday Wars: Volume 1 The Holiday Spirit

Description: In a world where Holidays are real it’s up to teenager Tegan Cassidy to stop a war that began with the death of Santa Claus.

From Tangent Artists (Vendor):
“Miles Rayner’s Handbook for Saucy Bards”

Description: Decorated Bard, Miles Reyner the Entertainer, shares some of his best tips for adventurous bards.
Includes jokes, bawdy ballads, how to insult various fantasy races, and three insult generation tables, among many other hilarious features. With illustrations and comics from the Tangent Artist’s webcomic CRIT! Also includes short story by Monica Marier based on the webcomic CRIT!

From Binary Souls / Other Dimensions (Vendor):

BS/OD Will be creating a brand new song inspired by Intervention
itself! It’s Electro-Poetry and you can be a part of the fun! Those
that participate will also have the chance to win a fabulous retro
video game package valued at $50!

Info on Electro-Poetry –
Info on the raffle –

From Greg Uchrin (Vendor):
BLECCH Part Duh Special Edition.

Description: A release of the the second volume of the BLEACH parody, BLECCH Part Duh. It will be a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION, numbered and signed. This edition will be 36 B&W interior pages with a color cover in coated stock, saddle-stitched at 5.5×8.5 in.

From Megami Studios (Vendor):

Description: Megami Studios will be unveiling their top-secret “Ponies of the 70s” prints at intervention, as well as their new Powered by Taiyaki line of T-shirts and for webcomic creators, a special batch of fonts including the Intervention-exclusive (meaning we won’t offer it after this con) font, Okinomiyaki!

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