Movies and Video at Intervention 2012 Sponsored By: Warner Bros. Archive

Intervention 2012 will be showing a wide selection of movies and video in our Video Room this year. Some of the highlights are:

Fresh Dog Productions – Lloyd The Conqueror

Movie Rating:(R) Three male college students, must do battle against Derek the Unholy, a dark wizard who is determined to hold onto his title as champion of the Larpers.

Lloyd the Conqueror
takes place in the eccentric and comedic world of Live Action Role Playing (LARPing). For those of you who are not familiar with this activity think of the game elements of Dungeons and Dragons, take it out of your basement and into the real world, adding homemade costumes and foam weapons. Throw it all into a real-live battle and only then can you begin to grasp the uncanny world of the LARP.

Endlight Entertainment – Ninjas Versus Monsters

Movie Rating:(R) The folks at Endlight Entertainment are based in the DC Metro area and have enjoyed success with their cult films NINJAS VS ZOMBIES and NINJAS VS VAMPIRES. Started by Screenwriter/Director Justin Timpane, Endlight has grown to include a small army of talented artists and technicians all dedicated to bringing microbudget films to the next level! Their next project is NINJAS VS MONSTERS which we hope they can show some work in progress footage (or if we’re lucky even the final film) along with their previous work.

Browncoats: Redemption

Movie Rating: (PG-13) Browncoats: Redemption is a crowd sourced, independent film set in Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity universe, and was made by Michael Dougherty, writer and director of the film, and Big Damn Films, inc. as a project to help fund a group of worthy charities. Intervention will host a showing of the movie as well as a Q&A with Michael Dougherty.

The Mignogna Chronicles

Movie Rating: (PG-13) The Mignogna Chronicles (sneak peek here) is voice actor Todd Haberkorn’s final epic 40 minute volley in the Tribute Wars with his arch-rival Vic Mignonga. This video is exclusive to the con circuit in 2012, with Intervention being the only north east con currently scheduled to show the video. If you’ve been following this series of videos you’ll want to see this hysterical conclusion as soon as possible.

The Troubadoors

If the TV shows Community and Flight of the Conchords got together and had a web series baby, it would be The Troubadoors. It’s a musical comedy about a ragtag group of college students who go caroling door to door for a new holiday every week. With the top choir of their university maintaining a stronghold on every performance venue in the city, The Troubadoors must fight for their right to perform. Come and see a special screening of episode 4, Comic Book Day – with a special message from producer, composer, and writer for the series, Brina Palencia. Palencia also stars in the series as her online personality, Kagura4221973, a hardcore anime fan obsessed with Christopher Sabat. Get more info on the series and its creators at! – Con Drama

Movie Rating: (PG-13) Intervention 2012 will be the first convention to show the full length video “Con Drama” created by the crew at This short film relates the misadventures of a group of friends sharing a room at a convention. In their words: “If you’ve been to a con with your friends, you might know the drama that goes on in your room. Con Drama is a film about that.”

Cinematic For The People

Movie Rating: (PG-13) Cinematic For The People (CFTP for short) is a live-action bad movie riffing expereince, with an emphasis on the Live and a lesser one on the Action. While a “movie” (and we use that term loosely here, folks) plays on the big screen, our panel of “celebrity” (also used loosely) riffers will do their best to rip the movie a few new sprocket holes. CFTP aims to be a full-feature experience, akin to watching an episode of MST3K live (with a generous touch of Rocky Horror thrown in) – complete with host segments, silly outfits, and a cameo appearance by our own suspiciously Servo-esque “Mr. Hal Sirveaux” at some point during the event. There will also be prizes, audience participation, and may even be a singalong at some point.

Jay Joseph Jr. – “Working Class Nightmare”; “Black Guy White Guy”

in 2011 Jay Joseph Jr. gave us a preview and work-in_progress showing of his horror webseries “Working Class Nightmare”. Well, that series has been completed, so now we can see the final product! In addition Jay will be giving us a preview of his new series “Black Guy White Guy”, a sketch webseries exploring the deep intricacies of race relations and nerdy black dudes.

Richardson Productions LLC – Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, Dork of the Rings

Movie Rating:(PG-13) Intervention is pleased to offer its attendees a showing of the feature-length Harry Potter parody film, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise as well as the Lord of the Rings Parody film Dork of the Rings, both by Richardson Productions. For those of you that want to own a copy of either film Intervention will be selling copies of both at our merchandise and registration tables as a fund raiser for the event!

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