The following Music and Performance events will be taking place at Intervention 2012:

Antipode Presents:

Accio BellyDance! Harry Potter & the Dark Lord’s Nighmare

In a world of magic and wizards, one wizard is known for his dastardly deeds and his hatred for humankind. What could bring down a dark lord of such power? Reliving “high school”. Come watch as Voldemort has nightmares of a life at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and the gang. Harry Potter and Voldemort’s Worst Nightmare.

“Super Smash Bellydance”

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when the Super Smash Crew doesn’t get picked from your select screen to brawl it out? What’s an iconic character supposed to do? Belly Dance Battle! Come watch the everyday life of the heroes (and villains) on the “Junior Varsity Team”.

Cosplay Burlesque

(18+) Cosplay Burlesque is a group of burlesque performers and cosplayers dedicated to combining the two for your entertainment. Their show will be the epitome of live-action “fan service”.


Blue, of Hello, The Future! is a geekrocker who puts up a new song every week at

Insane Ian

Insane Ian is a comedy musician who specializes in songs about video games, comics, sci-fi & other staples of nerdy culture.

Radio Cobalt – Recording of “The Forgotten Mansion of Dr Salamander”

Haunting the Performance Studio room at Intervention this year, the Radio Cobalt collective will improvise and perform a lo-fi Comedic-Horror Opera: “The Forgotten Mansion of Dr Salamander”. The text for the piece will be pulled from old Charlton Horror comics of the 1970’s and repurposed within 10 to 20 improvised music pieces, comprising an album’s worth of material.

“The Forgotten Mansion of Dr Salamander” will be documented via cheap recording devices, in the Art and Music Studio room at Intervention, during the hours of Intervention.

The pieces recorded at the Con will then be cleaned up and assembled in post production to comprise the final Opera. The house band for “The Forgotten Mansion of Dr Salamander” will include members of the Tombstone Teeth: Lord Claudius von Vile Silencer on Keyboards, Bread Morton on Guitar and C. W. Cobalt on vocals. The Radio Cobalt group is extending an open invitation to Intervention attendees to participate as voluntary Guest Stars on a track or two.

And our two dance events:

Club 242 Presents BATTLE III: FROM BEYOND!

Intervention’s Friday night dance party!
Dave Ghoul returns to Intervention for another installment of Lovecraftian mayhem and OONTZY music! Join him for Intervantion’s opening night party and shake your shoggoth-makers into the night!


Intervention’s Saturday night dance party!
The dead have come in search of catchy beats and… braaaaaaains! Join Dave Ghoul as he ushers in the final conflict between the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and the hordes of the living dead! Prizes for best costumes will be given out, including tickets to the 2012 Philly Zombie Prom!

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