Intervention 2012 will be bringing even more variety to our innovative program of hands-on workshops this year.

We have scheduled:

Event Runners AMA

We are the people who set up Intervention (and other) events, come to this workshop to ask us anything about the process–from business, programming, guest relations, operations, or anything in-between.

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes: Webcomic and Art Portfolio Reviews

You have an idea for a comic, or want to get some feedback on your work. This is the place for you. During this open workshop our artists will gladly chime in and give feedback on your work or ideas and give you tips to get going to the next level.

Tell Me A Story

This workshop is your opportunity to talk to other authors to help refine your written work. Get feedback or just bounce ideas off our authors to help you get to the next step in your work.

Ultimate Room Party: How to seem completely badass with booze

(21+) This will be an informational panel describing more about different kinds of alcohol, safe ways to drink, and useful hangover remedies. This will be held at the Hilton Event Hotel bar area

More Workshops to be announced soon. We are working on scheduling hands-on workshops for art production (digital and traditional), web development, and other areas.

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