Q: What is Intervention? What’s with the name?
A: We are here to intervene and inspire you to embrace your inner (and outer) geek! Intervention (a shortening of the words “Internet Convention”) is where you can meet, talk with, learn from, and party with the people you see online everyday. We aim to make it “One Part New Media, One Part Gaming, One Part Nerd Party”. It has a strong emphasis on Independent artists who use the internet as their main distribution method for their work.

“Internet Culture” is a broad term that loosely means “elements of culture that are developed through and on the Internet”– music, podcast, comics, art, video, etc. being enabled primarily because of the Internet itself, and a reflection of Internet’s influence on how and what then gets developed for that online audience.

More info on the origins of the con can be found on the About page

Q: When Does the Con Start and End?
A: Intervention 2012 starts at Noon on Friday September 21 2012 and ends at 4pm on Sunday September 23th.

Q: What are Vendor Room/Artist Alley Hours?
A: Friday: 2pm to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Q: How big is Intervention?
A: We had over 500 people at the event in our first year (2010), and 734 the second. We expect at least 25% more this year, and it could go much larger. We have the entire Hilton just for us.

Q: How do I get to Intervention?
A:The directions and hotel information are located here.

Q: How do I register?
A: The details are listed here. Or you can go directly to our registration site.

Q: I’m an Enabler and saw that you are giving me Wifi Access, how do i connect to it and where is it available?
Enabler Wifi access info will be given to you at the Help/Info Desk when you pick up your Intervention Lanyard and Con Book. Your access is in the event space of Intervention (The space shown on the Intervention Event Layout maps). It is not available in the Hilton hotel rooms, which requires a separate fee. We do request that Enablers not use this connection to download very large files, watch extensive streaming media, or use p2p file sharing networks.

Q: Should I book a room at the hotel?
A: Yes! We have the super-low room rate of $114/night at our event venue the Hilton Rockville in Rockville MD.

Q: Are there different Vendor Room/Artist Alley/Dealers Room locations at Intervention 2012? How Do I apply to be in the room?

A: We do not have separate rooms for these areas. We are a very indy focused event, so we typically don’t have “dealers” at the event who sell generic items. Most of the vendors at the event are selling their own creations, so you will always find unique things for sale. If you want to be in the vendor room you can apply here.

Q: Are you making money from this? Why are you holding this event?

A: Intervention is not a for-profit convention. We are run by a volunteer staff. We aren’t doing this to make money – we are doing this because we feel strongly about supporting the scene, offering low cost educational opportunities, and throwing the best party in the northeast.

Q: Are you just for Webcomics?

A: Absolutely not. Webcomics are a big focus of Intervention, but any creator who publishes their work on the internet is welcome and encouraged to contact us. Yes, your podcast about snails in spacesuits is welcome here. :)

Q: What makes you different from other cons?

A: We focus on the internet as a distribution model rather than print. We also emphasize a friendly atmosphere where creators can network, and new creators can learn. Fans are also encouraged to get involved in the creation of the programming.

Q: When was the first Intervention?

A: The first Intervention was held in 2010. 2012 is our third year and we will be a yearly for the foreseeable future.

Q: I have an idea for a Panel, how should I go to submit it?

A: You can submit your ideas using our form on the programming page

Q: What do Panelists get for being on Panels at Intervention 2012?

A: Most of the Panels at Intervention 2012 will be comprised of Guests of the con. A “Panelist” then is the term used for a non-Guest person on a panel. Depending on the number of Panels they are scheduled for (and successfully appear on during the event), Panelists can ask for reimbursement for their original registration costs to the event on the following scale: 1 panel: $10, 2 panels: $20, 3 or more panels: Full original cost reimbursement (note: reimbursements will never exceed the original costs paid to attend the event). Reimbursements will be provided after the end of the event.

Please note though that “Fan Panels” (i.e. panels discussing things from a fan perspective, or non-professional level discussions) are not considered to be part of the above reimbursement system, and members of these types of panels do not qualify for reimbursement. In all cases if in doubt please contact Intervention in advance to confirm your eligibility for reimbursement.

3 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Trip says:

    I was directed to this site from AnimeCons.com, but I have yet to see anything that says this convention does anime. Do people dress up in anime costumes in this con, or is it just random internet stuff?

    • harknell says:

      Hi Trip,
      We interact with Anime/Manga with many elements at the event:

      – We are currently the only Northeast convention showing Voice Actor Todd Haberkorn’s Anime styled “Tribute Video” movie called “The Mignogna Chronciles”

      – Many of the artists and vendors that come to the event do Anime/Manga inspired art, and sell it or do commissions.

      – We are cosplay friendly, with some panels on it as well as having many people come to the event in a wide range of costumes.

      But we aren’t an Anime con like Otakon or Katsucon, so if you are primarily interested in just that type of event I don’t want to mislead you, our focus isn’t on showing Anime videos, having a masquerade, or having japanese bands and artists.

      But If you check out our guest list, and look over our programming list we hope that you would find many things that you can’t find at other events that makes us unique.

      • Trip says:

        Thank you, I am currently not able to attend for this year but I was thinking that I would come for 2013 convention as long as it wasn’t awkward showing up in anime or other cartoon costume.

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