Yes, you can be a part of Intervention! Thank you for asking. We always appreciate the offer of help.

Intervention needs people to do all sorts of things and we’re sure you have the skills to do the job. But of course you want to know what you get in return. Here’s an outline of what it means to “Volunteer” or “Staff” Intervention:

A “Volunteer” is a person who primarily wants to attend the con to engage in all of the fun things there are to do, but also wants to pitch in here and there for a limited number of hours a day to help out. They don’t want to take on too heavy a task or something that would seriously inhibit their ability to get chased by Zombies.

A “Staff” member is a person who is “working at the con” as if it was an actual job (albeit one that they actually love :) ) and are willing to dedicate at least 8 hours a day to doing their position. They have very important tasks that have real responsibility. They can have fun at the con too, but that is not more important than making sure the con runs well and everything works as it should.

So, with the above definitions, what do people of each type get?

Volunteers: they get our gratitude first off, and can work toward getting free admission to the con for the next year. If a Volunteer works at least 10 hours over the course of the con, they qualify to get in to the next event for free. Note that Volunteers must buy a registration to attend the event for the *current* year.

Staff: they also get our gratitude of course, and get into the current event for free (duh!). They also can qualify for crash space in our Staff hotel rooms. We also supply coffee, snacks, and other food. And a con t-shirt.

So that’s the run down, if you are interested in joining (or should I say Enabling) Intervention please use the following form to submit your application:

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  1. Jefferson says:

    This is going to be so fun! I can feel it! *thumbs up*

  2. […] in one weekend. If you've ever thought about working at a convention, seriously head over to their Volunteer/Staff Info Page and check it out.Seriously, great guests, great merch, great people and one great time that you'll […]

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