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2013 Artist Alley Participants

Veronica Vera & Oliver Bareham

Fresh out of Sydney, Australia, Veronica Vera and Oliver Bareham are the forces behind Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a funny, sweet and sad comic about cats and dogs in high school. The story follows the lives of two cats and their circle of friends and is intended to appeal to anyone with a love for high school drama and young romance! They are attending Intervention for BCB and their latest side-project, "Not Enough Rings": a loving tribute to the classic 16-bit era Sonic the Hedgehog games that covers every Zone, act by act.


Christopher Paulsen

Christopher Paulsen is a Viginia-based cartoonist and illustrator, and the creator of the online comic Precocious.

Intervention comes along right after the second print collection of Precocious is released! The book contains over 300 Precocious comics, as well as a bonus story, deleted scenes, commentary and a special selection of Precocious' spin-off comic, Copper Road.


Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe is the science fiction/fantasy author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, the Gillian Boone novels, Real Magic and After The Crash as well as the short story collection, 10 Bits of My Brain. Numerous other short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He is the co-host of The Eclectic Review -- a podcast about science, art, and well, everything. For those who keep count, the latest animal listing is as follows: one dog, four cats, one albino corn snake, one Brazilian black tarantula, three aquatic turtles, assorted fish, one lop-eared rabbit, four chickens, and a horse. Thankfully, the chickens and the horse do not live inside the house.


Dave Adams

A chemist by training, a Flow Cytometrist by profession, and a cartoonist by... well, who doesn't have time to kill these days? Mr. Adams began his first comic, Slightly Off-Topic, in 2007 as a collaboration with his daughter and as an excuse to vent his spleen at the daily news. His second comic, Fallen from Gravy, began in 2010 as an exercise in harnessing peer pressure for weight loss. Results have been... mixed. A certified SCUBA instructor, Mr. Adams' most fervent wish is to one day learn how to swim.



Vidgle is an online media organization with its original series and films on


Cynical Woman

Helen E. H. Madden is an artist and writer who quit her day job years ago to draw comics for fun and profit. She has achieved half that goal (guess which half). Her first webcomic, The Adventures of Cynical Woman, documents her life as a geek mom struggling to stay sane in suburbia. This year she began work on a new webcomic called "Bitchcraft," a cautionary tale about the evils of yarn and cannibalism. Helen also wrote and produced the Heat Flash Erotic Podcast, a free online audio program of erotic speculative fiction, for four years. Her current projects include trying to shove more hours into the day and capturing the elusive beast known as "sleep." Have any of you seen it?


Monica Horn

Currently residing in Northern VA, Monica or “MonMon” works as a graphic designer/web developer for a county site by day and a webcomic artist by night. She is the artist and creator behind Ocean Tides, a ghostly romance drama, and Push Pin Comics, a collection of short stories between 8-10 pages.


Kata Kane

Kata Kane is best known as the artist and writer of the shoujo-manga webcomic Altar Girl.

Altar Girl has received praise from sources like MCMBuzz Magazine that attest "with its shoujo style, enjoyable characters, light-hearted tone and relaxed pacing, you’ll feel as if it came straight from the manga shelf!"

Kata works as a graphic designer and freelancer. She lives in Baltimore, MD with her husband Ned and her dog Tifa.

Altar Girl has over sixty pages published online where you read it for free, but you can help with an initiative to get Altar Girl Book 1 available in print!

Please stop by Kata's table for a free Altar Girl art card and to learn more about how you can read and support the comic.


Chris Otto

"A Dog's Life" comic chronicles the adventures and shenanigans of a chocolate labrador named Hunter S. Thompson, his adopted sister, Gillian, and a host of supporting characters that includes their people, a conspiracy theorist squirrel, an evil twin from an alternate Earth (complete with goatee), and a whole lot of other dogs, both good and bad. They've traveled through time in "Bark To The Future", examined invisible fences, trained in montages, and much more.

I will be debuting a children's coloring/activity book called "Where's My Ball?" along with the third collection of "A Dog's Life" comics, titled "The Monster In The Closet".


Fuse Bomb Films

An indie record label turned into an indie production house, FBF is a growing film company dedicated to producing quality, full length movies to be released episodically as web series.
In addition to the popular web series Regulators, Fuse Bomb also produces in house merch such as CD's, T-shirts, and a new collectible trading card game. Currently 4 new projects are in pre production to follow up Regulators in 2014.

Intervention happens right around the season finale of Regulators on!


Tangent Artists

Long ago...a team of talented professional writers and artists tried to invent a machine that would translate imagination into vivid, brightly animated images on a TV screen. Having no knowledge of neurophysics, complex machinery, or even simple fractions, this plan was sadly abandoned in 2006. In 2007 the company endeavored to provide high-quality web comics to the world once a week, and this goal was met with far greater success. Thus the creation of three comic series: The macabre comedy, "Skeleton Crew," the celebration of nerd life, "Donuts for Looking," and the screwball swords and sorcery epic, "CRIT!"
Monica Marier does scripts, pencils, ink, and color for both Donuts for Looking and Skeleton Crew. She also does scripts and pencils (and sometimes ink) for CRIT!. She's a published fantasy author with Hunt Press.
David Joria does scripts for Skeleton Crew, Donuts for Looking, and CRIT!
Rachael Hixon does story, ink, and color for CRIT! She also is in charge of marketing and printing for Tangent Artists comics and books.
You can view new comics every week at the Tangent Artists site:

Tangent Artists is proud to debut the newest issues of our popular comic Skeleton Crew!



Artist TsaoShin enjoys bringing the world of fantasy to life through digital painting using Photoshop and ArtRage. His technique and style are a blend of modern methods with roots in traditional oil painting employing a large color palette and high saturation.



Viga is a jack of all trades geek. Started doing a webcomic called Panelburg and then branched out into doing the web series Viga Loves Comics and being a freelance graphic designer.

Condom is a collection of autobio comics from going to over 10 cons per year. It even has comics about the last Intervention and many other area conventions.


Greg Uchrin

Greg Uchrin is an independent cartoonist whose political
cartoon, Intravenous Caffeine,
successor to the controversial HAIL DUBYUS!, makes waves every Monday morning.
Greg’s non-political work can be seen in his Deviant Art gallery and on his Facebook
Artists page

Greg has just published an anthology of his cartoons from the first four years of Barack Obama's presidency, titled OBAMARAMA a follow-up to his anthology
of his Bush presidency cartoons called BUSHWHACKED. He has also published two volumes of a parody manga titled BLECCH! with a third in the works.
He is currently working on a graphic novel based on
the Hanako-san legend. You can meet Greg at anime and
comic conventions up and down the Northeast corridor--
look for the purple I NEED (Intravenous) CAFFEINE T-shirt!



Dana is an illustrator and webcomic artist from Southern New Jersey. She is best known for her romantic comedy webcomic On the Bright Side, a story about a shy teenage boy named Jacob who tries to stay low key through high school life. That is until his childhood friend, Kaylee, moves in next door. His kind yet outgoing new neighbor draws more attention towards him, but it may not be such a bad thing. Over 200 pages can be read online.


Liz Staley (Adrastus Comic)

Liz Staley is the creator of the web-comic Adrastus, a love letter to the 70's giant robot genre. She writes, draws, plays table top role-playing games, and has an unhealthy obsession with Tumblr.

Sometime around Intervention, Liz will have a book coming out through Packt Publishing called "Mastering Manga Studio 5", that is all tips and tricks for how to use Manga Studio to improve your comics and illustrating workflow.


Jennifer Zyren Smith

Jennifer Zyren Smith is an author and artist residing in Maryland. Ever since she discovered ElfQuest at the age of twelve, she has been telling stories through comics and has an entire file cabinet filled with character designs and comics from the last twenty years. Her current graphic novel, “LaSalle's Legacy” is a fantasy story about the adventures of the crew of the Laughing Panda. When she isn't making art, she is playing video games and failing in her duties as cat slave.


Rival Hearts

Rival Hearts is a fairly new webcomic, started January 2011. While making slow progress, it is building up to some big adventure.

Rival Hearts will have it's first officially (professionally) printed comic for first release at Intervention. There will also be new prints and sketches never before seen.


Duae Designs

A crafter with a mission: "Can you teach me how to crochet?" Aries asked.
"Sure." said Duae.
A few ugly scarves, lopsided blankets, and wonky hats later, Aries decided to try his hand at amigurumi Now, pretty much anything he can think of can be recreated in tiny yarn form.

Duae handles the organization and has epic battles with the sewing machine that often result in cool stuff. She also dabbles in soap-making and other crafts.

Together they make a pretty good team.


Geeks Next Door

When two geeks love each other very much, they get together and make a webcomic. Resident artist Jessi and snarky writer Matt have been posting the exaggerated everyday adventures of their lives for five years, including tales of mecha-fighting girl scouts, meme-tastic romance, muffin attacks, and tales of the convention scene. Start getting to know the folks who might just be the geeks next door to you!

At Intervention we'll have a few surprises on hand, for sure! Please drop by and take a look!


Dead Bat Designs

Dead Bat Designs produces both original design t-shirts and does custom work for others.

Dead Bat Designs' work mostly comes from a slightly dark sense of humor, but it is always meant to inspire laughter. We have a lot of geek culture references, but also many completely original designs. The biggest collection of designs is Death is Good, which portrays the adventures of a Reaper who refuses to be grim, and the many situations he encounters, both while growing up and in later life.


Shawn Padraic Murphy

Shawn Padraic Murphy is a writer of multiple comic books. His newest one is "Mechanaflux", an all-ages Fantasy in which 3 Earth kids meet a swordfighting princess, the last spellcaster, and a centaur general, and together must stop the evil mecha Gaudra from turning the world into metal. "Strength" is a satire about a super heroine that loses her clothes while saving the city, only to find herself condemned by the media and the government, and must now fight to change her life. In "The End" the world is going to end in 7 days, and each issue has 2 self-contained stories about how different people deal with the end of the world.

Aside from comic books, Shawn also writes films and music videos.

My comic "Mechanaflux" just came out this year. It is an all-ages fantasy that follows 3 Earth kids (Cory, Arad, & Jackson) who fall into the magical world of flux and must join a sword-fighting princess (Maria), the last female spellcaster (Darius), and a centaur general (Gluss) to stop the living mechanical creature Gaudra from turning the entire planet into metal.

I also have info for my other comics (small info) above in the Bio section.


RedStar East

An interest in biodiversity and a large consumption of pop culture mix together to create the work of Anne Marie Chua Lee. Her ideas start as sketchbook doodles. From there, they are: sewn into cute plushies, assembled into charming accessories, and made into unique clothing.


Jilly Foo

Jilly Foo has been making webcomics since 2004. Her comics are The Planet Closest to Heaven and Saturno the Demon Eater.


Castwave Studios

In 2009, longtime friends Justin Eisenstadt, Sean Holmes, and Colin Caccamise began collaborating on a podcast called "Boldly Going Nowhere". In the beginning, they mused about society, college life and the general minutia of the twenty-something. After about a million format changes and now with new shows and new hosts, Castwave Studios is better than ever!

For video content, we'll be premiering episodes of "Geek Criteek", "BGN Comic Shop: Splash Page" "One Drunk Geek", "BGN @ the Movies" and "Severed Dongle: Bonus Round". As for audio content, we'll be premiering a new show called "Inspired Lunacy", imagine if "Masterpiece Theater" and "Robot Chicken" had a baby.


That's So Cute Designs/Rival Hearts

"That's So Cute" Designs brings you adorable recreations of your favorite characters, or your own portrait or commission requests, on buttons, key chains, and now shirts for babies and young children.

New: images ironed on to baby/kids shirts.



Freelance USA illustrator, Animator, manga artist, webcomic artist, indy animation director

Passions: telling stories of others and my life through manga, comics, animation, illustration, I enjoy learning about different cultures, traveling, helping others, a good cup of tea and coffee and spending time with family and friends. And I enjoy teaching and helping other artists, big or little, to go to the next level in their lives and see their dream come true.

E-depth angel is an action drama sci-fi: In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love. Her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

All 21 chapters of E-depth angel full color web-manga will be available in print for purchase in issues.


Robin Dempsey

Author, Illustrator, and Independent Publisher. Robin Dempsey is the creator of “LeyLines” a culturally and psychologically rich fantasy story which she is self-publishing through her company, Moko Press! She is also a member of the Webcomic Alliance, a free online source of practical resources for anyone that wishes to publish their comics online. Robin’s unique style of writing and art is influenced by her unconventional background – she went to college to become an engineer, and found that while she was good with figures, her passion was for storytelling. Since 2002 she’d been publishing comics online as a hobby, but when she finished her first project in 2010 and started her second story soon after, she decided to found her own company to give her creative tales the support they needed to flourish. Robin and her fiancé, Cory, created Moko Press, LLC the start of 2012. Since then we’ve published two beautiful books that readers both young and old have adored. Please stop by our booth to take a look and get a free sketch!


Aneeka Richins

Aneeka is best known for her webcomic, Not A Villain, where a semi-reformed hacker on the run seeks redemption in a post-apocalyptic virtual reality.

Aneeka is also the author of The Wanted Child, a fantasy book where a demonic girl has to train the Hero destined to kill her.

Bandwidth-friendly versions (often called 'books') will be available as well as a variety of prints and lots of free smiles.


Toefield Illustration

I'm an Illustrator with over three years of experience in the freelance arena. I've completed creative work for a variety of creative jobs ranging from Children's Illustration, Concept Art (Character Design), and Illustration and Comic Art.

For this event I'll be debuting The "Video Game" print run. This print run will show offer images that I've created based on a number of popular game franchises.


C. J. Brightley

I'm an indie fantasy author. My first book, The King's Sword, was published in November 2012, and the sequel, A Cold Wind, was published in March 2013. I'm hard at work on the third in the series, as well as a new urban fantasy / supernatural thriller trilogy. You can find my website and blog at

When I'm not writing, I consult for the government, teach karate,make jewelry, and chase my toddler.

I will have paperback copies of my first two books, The King's Sword and A Cold Wind, as well as QR codes to purchase the ebooks and various awesome book-related paraphenalia. The third book is in progress and readers can sign up to receive an announcement when it's available.


Darrenn E. Canton

Darrenn E. Canton is an illustrator who specializes in fantasy art, cartooning and children's illustration. He is currently working on his first book, titled "Ogres".

Darrenn is a native of Washington, DC where he lives with one old, ornery cat and a flatulent dog.


The Gneech

John “The Gneech” Robey is the creative force behind the popular webcomics NeverNever and The Suburban Jungle, Starring Tiffany Tiger as well as the Short Story Geeks Podcast, and author of several short stories. Previous writing credits also include pieces for White Wolf Games’ Mage: The Ascension line, Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game supplements, and West End Games’ World of Indiana Jones. Gneech has received several honors for his work, being named Guest of Honor at the upcoming FurTheMore 2014, the 2005 Mephit Furmeet, Iron Artist (Comics) for three years at Further Confusion in San Jose, and of course, multiple-time recipient of Websnark’s “Tasty, Tasty Biscuit.”


T. Andrew Dempsey

T. Andrew Dempsey established his online presence in 1995, when his first art portfolio launched as

Initially a blogger at Dempsey Doodles in 2007, he expanded into the forum of webcomics in 2009 and is psyched about the opportunity to meet fellow creators and online friends in the real world at Intervention 2013.


Bengie & Peej - SlackJaw: The Working Dead

The acting and art-ing powers of Bengie & Peej combine to bring you SlackJaw: The Working Dead. Their interactive webcomic reveals what happens after the credits roll in your favorite zombie movie! Follow a crew of independent coffin jockeys on their nine-to-five quest ridding the streets of the living dead... for a competitive fee! Don't forget to click the speech bubbles for character dialogue, animation and other Easter eggs!

The SlackJaw gang are also running the Humans vs Zombies game “Interfection” at this convention! Grab a bandana in the LARP room and fight the horde throughout the hotel hallways!


DPH Games

DPH Games Inc operates out of upstate New York. Our goal is to produce high quality games that are fun, easy to learn and involve complex strategies in their execution. We strive to create games that make you laugh, think and enjoy each other’s company. There is nothing quite like a group of friends or family members sitting around a table involved an interactive and fast paced board game. The experience brings people closer together and isn't that what it is all about!

CACHE ME IF YOU CAN! is the Geocaching board game that is for anyone interested in exploration, adventure and treasure hunting. The game was released in May of this year.

At Intervention 2013 the Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching expansion pack will be available for play-testing. It's due to be released this September.


Maddie Mckenszie - Children's Picture Books

The "Maddie Mckenszie" Children's Picture Book Series is making its convention debut at Intervention! In 2012, Maddie made her (annoying) debut in "Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister Ever!" much to to the dismay of her big sister Margaret. This August, Maddie's back and it's time to celebrate her birthday (and mind her manners) in the sequel "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners".

The creator of "Maddie Mckenszie" is Ronald Hennessy who lives on Long Island, NY - forever in the shadow of New York City. His personal site is as (

The second "Maddie Mckenszie" title "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners" will be making it's debut at Intervention! Maddie is celebrating her 5th birthday! Maddie desires having a fancy tea party for her birthday more than anything else. Her manners however needs a lot of work - with last years birthday being an absolute disaster. Maddie's family reluctantly agree with the tea party on ONE condition: her manners MUST improve. Friends and family all help out to get Maddie's manners into shape before the big day…with hilarious results.

This is a children's picture book for kids - and kids at heart.


Kelsey Wailes

Kelsey Wailes is a Maryland based toymaker/illustrator/mad scientist
who teaches during the summer. She makes ugly things cute and cute things
ugly. Her terrible things have been featured on io9, Buzzfeed, the Daily
What, and Kotaku and more. She lives in a cornfield and doesn't understand
how magnets work.


Reuel Smith - ThunderKid

Maryland local Reuel Smith is an engineering PhD student attending the University of Maryland. He is also the artist and creator behind the all-ages fantasy comic ThunderKid, a story about five kids and the secrets they discover about a fantastic new aerial world called Atmos and a set of high-flying weather-filled adventures too. ThunderKid is a fun kids’ comic that is made especially for young readers though easily enjoyed and adopted by older readers as well, inspiring imagination and adventure and providing a great way to spend time by opening a new way of reading through comics.

The complete first volume (five chapters) of ThunderKid along with button pins, the all new figurine line [], and much more will be available at Intervention.

ThunderKid Manga has just received all new 3" figurines depicting the hero and heroine of the story. They will be debuting all summer long including during Intervention.



Northern Virginia-based Zhobot consists of Nate and Heather, who both enjoy crafting little oddities and costuming as an array of their favorite fictional characters. When they aren't doing one of those two things, they can be found on their couch in blanket cocoons either playing video games or staring blankly at their Netflix queue. contains many different things: their costumes, some photography, crafts here and there, blog posts on a number of random (usually video game related) projects -- their table contains some of that too! Stop by to browse over items like the Peg Posse and Grobots and poke around in the infinite number of buttons they've made from old magazines.


Kathleen S. Brenowitz

Kathleen Sarah Brenowitz (or just Kat) has been drawing since she figured out which end of the crayon went on the paper. Thankfully, her artwork has improved since those first starts. Now her main method is pen-and-ink, sometimes with added watercolor washes or digital coloring. She is currently working on the script for her sci-fi comic Pertho - the first issue will be available for sale at her table, along with prints of her work. She will also be taking commissions during the con - first come, first served!



Melissa Ward is a marketing magazine editor by day, baker, blogger, Awesomeographer, homebrewer, cooking enthusiast, bibliophile, and Ticket to Ride-obsessed mobile gamer by nights and weekends. She's the baker behind Cupcake Friday Project , which not only is her springboard into opening a bakery someday, but also an avenue to show people that, yes, they too can bake amazing and tasty things FROM SCRATCH. And when she's not baking, she's working with partner Brian Geiger on, where they strive to help people map out their paths to creating awesome things. You can find Melissa on Twitter, but most likely she's in her kitchen. Baking. Maybe with Scotch.

Brian J. Geiger likes to keep busy. During the day he makes robot cars. At night he might sing, act, cook, write, take photographs, play ukulele, program, or learn new ways to make art He might not be very good at some of those things, but he likes learning about them enough to get an idea of what can be done with them and, in a pinch, make something passable.

Em²a Cartoon

Hi! My name is Emma Lysyk. I draw a slice of life/art journal webcomic called Em²a Cartoon. Em²a started as a way for me to illustrate my thoughts and feelings in place of a diary. I am a magnet for strange happenings, and I get wild and crazy ideas that I just can't keep to myself.

By day, I am a graphic/web designer, by night I'm a comic illustrator and chai-a-holic. All of which I have been doing for at least 10 years, now.

Peet Sketches

This left handed and bearded weirdo has an insatiable lust for making comics. His paintings have been in Juxtapoz as well as various venues (like the Otto Bar in September!) around the world. His vinyl toys have seen more of the world than he has.

Peet Sketches draws a webcomic called, My Poor Wife which is autiobiographical and heavy on the fart jokes. His portfolio can be seen at: and he has fallen in love with speaking in the third person.

D'Vyne Wrytes

Leslie is a self-taught bookbinder artist who specializes in handcrafting unique leather journals, book covers, collector binders and ereader/tablet covers inspired by pop "geek" culture, medieval/renaissance and pagan themes. Please visit D'Vyne Wrytes [] for an in-depth bio, more info and see her one-of-a-kind creations!!


Viking Sheep

Viking Sheep is a group of artists and crafters who do a little bit of everything. For now their main focus is on etching glass and jewelry making with a smattering of bookmarks, bumper stickers, and soaps, but who knows what else they'll add in the near future?


Black Sheep Studios / F. Lee

Growing up, F. Lee always wanted to be a centaur. As it would happen, art took hold before horse legs could sprout and F. Lee wound up graduating from the Ringling College of Art and Design. Having studied comics and graphic novels under Wolverine artist George Pratt, F. Lee found a foothold in the world of comics and centaurs alike when New Paradigm Studios got behind 'Justice Is Nocturnal'. F. Lee has previously worked in children's illustration and may now be spotted trotting (however two-leggedly) round any number of comic conventions on the east coast.

Available at Intervention: Justice Is Nocturnal -- New Paradigm Studios presents F. Lee's dark tale of mythos and mystery, Justice Is Nocturnal. Centaurs, Satyrs, Sphynxes and other such fantastical half-breeds populate the noir-inspired saga involving murder, the mafia and everything in between; Wolf Wears Wool - Scream Of The South -- From F. Lee's emerging webcomic comes a self-contained story in which a trio of paranormal investigators find themselves going head to head against a vicious banshee; Wolf Wears Wool - Crimean Lament -- A period piece and offshoot of F. Lee's webcomic finds Simon, R., and a new arrival into the midst of the Crimean War. A terrible choice must be made and blood must be shed.


Robert Quill, Artist for Hire

Robert Quill and his lovely wife Rae are artists of very different persuasions. Robert specializes in custom illustration work for individual clients... portraiture, character sketches, glamour images, etc. Rae creates individually crafted, spooky "Kreepsakes" jewelry. Come browse their work!


Number 12 Creations

Years ago, Laura was looking for jewelry that depicted her favorite book series. When she couldn't find anything that really spoke to her, she decided to make one herself. After making necklaces for friends and family, she decided to open a web store and sell her creations to fellow nerds and gamers. Choosing the name Number 12 for her brand (also inspired by her favorite book series) Laura makes jewelry for a wide variety of fan bases. From classic video games to supernatural television shows, fantasy novels to superhero movies, if you can be a fan of it, she can make you something from it! (custom orders encouraged!)

Not just a maker of jewelry, Laura creates paintings, figurines and even keychains and buttons! Number 12 creations are made with polymer clay, beads, chain, and resin. When she gets over her fear of the kiln becoming sentient and eating her alive, Laura will attempt jewelry made with fused glass and metal clay.

Available at Intervention: New jewelry never before shown at a convention! Deigns inspired by Super Meat Boy, Grumpy Cat and more of your favorite internet memes that just won't die.


Rosarium Publishing

Bill Campbell is the author of My Booty Novel, Sunshine Patriots, and the outrageous hip-hop satire, Koontown Killing Kaper. He is also the co-editor of the upcoming SF anthology, Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. Whether in print or in person, Campbell shows an amazing ability to make people rather uncomfortable. He lives in the DC area, wasting your tax payer dollars.

A special "Sneak Preview" edition of Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond (featuring Junot Diaz, Lauren Beukes, NK Jemisin, Victor LaValle, Tobias Buckell, etc.) will be available for sale.


A Cute Fear


1UP Gallery


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