We need a few good Spawn to spread the word about Intervention!

Tell someone about us and be sure to provide a clear clickable URL ( https://interventioncon.com ) for our website when you do it so that they can find us with the least amount of trouble. Post about us on your blog, email your friends, tell your favorite community about us.


Link Banners
Print Resolution Logo

Get Involved:

Details coming soon on how you can be a part of the Intervention team.


Here are some link banners for you to use:





460 X 64:

728×90 (click image/link to get to full size image):

73×73 Twitter Size:

100×100 LJ / Forum Avatar Size:

500 pixels wide for large blog posting!

FLYERS and Sell Sheets:

Do you need some flyers? Contact us and we will send you some. Can’t wait that long? You can print them here yourself as well:

(click the image to download the printable PDF flyer file)

or this version:
(click the image to download the printable PDF flyer file)

Here’s a 2 page “Sell Sheet” that outlines some of the highlights of the event, which can be distributed to local businesses or other interested parties to sell them on participation with the event:

(click the image to download the printable PDF Sell Sheet file)


Here is a printable logo in EPS format (in a zip file):

intervention 2013 masthead

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