Contests/Raffles for Intervention 2013

Intervention 2013 Pre-registraion Contest Details

Intervention 2013 is happy to announce a special contest for all full weekend pre-registered attendees. On July 15th, July 31st, and August 15th Intervention will randomly select one full weekend pre-registered attendee to win their choice (based on current availability, some items have limited quantities) of one of a number of high value special sponsor related items.

For the first two drawings the winner may pick one of the following:

– Courtesy of SmithMicro: Manga Studio 5, or Anime Studio Pro 9, or Motion Artist

– Courtesy of a premium year subscription to their online tutorial service.

For the final drawing (August 15th) the winner may pick one of the above, or may also choose to get:

– Courtesy of Wacom a Intuos 5 Medium pen tablet

So, as a full weekend pre-registered attendee you will have 3 chances to win. It’s obvious then that the earlier you pre-register the more chances you have to win. if we gain more high value sponsor items we will add them to the selection list!

Intervention 2013 Pre-registration Contest Rules and Regulations:

1. Contest entry is limited to all full weekend pre-registered attendees for Intervention 2013 on each date of contest winner selection (July 15th, July 31st, and August 15th)

2. No more than 1 prize will be awarded to any 1 full weekend pre-registered attendee. Group registration members all have an equal opportunity to win though. (i.e. if you buy 2 registrations at once, you have 2 chances to win)

3. You must attend Intervention 2013 to receive your prize. Prizes will be available to the winner when they arrive and receive their badge at the event. Winners who cancel their Intervention registration lose their winning status and another full weekend pre-registered attendee will be selected in their stead.

4. Prizes and winners may be photographed, and entry registration indicates permission for Onezumi Events Inc. and their sponsors to show these images in all public media, including online and print media, in perpetuity.

5. Intervention staff and management are not eligible for entry.

6. All decisions of the judges and management are final.

The Following Are Some Of The Items That Will Be Given Away At The Event:

– Courtesy of SmithMicro we will be giving out some copies of their Manga Studio Debut 4, copies of their Manga Studio 5, as well as some copies of Anime Studio Debut, some copies of their Anime Studio Pro 9, and Motion Artist software as contest prizes.

– Courtesy of Wacom we will be giving away some Intuos 5 Medium pen tablets (yeah, the pro level ones) as contest prizes.

– Courtesy of Joby we will be giving away some of their Griptight GorillaPod stands for smartphones.

– Courtesy of Squishable we will be giving out a selection of their giant plush animals as contest prizes.

– Courtesy of Toy Vault we will be giving out some of their Cthulhu Plush items as contest prizes.

– Courtesy of Copic Marker: A selection of many different Copic Marker sets.

– Courtesy of ThinkGeek we will be giving out a range of their geeky fun items.


“Roll For Fun and Profit” Registration Giveaway Details

We will again be doing our special registration dice rolling giveaway for all Intervention Attendees. When you receive your badge at Intervention (or if you are an Enabler, simply stop by the Registration Desk at your convenience) you can roll some dice and immediately receive a fun item to start off your event experience. All attendees will receive an item–your dice roll determines what group of items you can choose from. The choices will range from candies or other small items up through software, plush dolls, and other larger ticket items, all provided by our 2013 sponsors.
(note: there is no gambling involved with this giveaway, dice are used solely to randomly assign the choice for prize options)

Contest/Giveaway/Raffle Rules and Information

1. For certain contests, entries must be made in-person on the appropriate sheet in the Vendor Room at the Intervention Staff Table, or at the Registration Desk when picking up your event badge (Enablers/Vendors should stop by to enter there as well at their convenience)

2. No more than 1 entry per prize per person.

3. You must be present at Intervention to win, but it is not necessary to be at the drawing itself. Contest winners will be drawn once per day, except Saturday, when 2 drawings will be held.

4. Prize drawings will be held in the Randolph Room (across from the Vendor room, and next to the Large Panels room) at the following times:
Friday: 7:30 PM, Saturday: 7:30pm, Sunday: 1PM

5. Disqualified winning entries forfeit all prizes, titles, awards, etc.

6. If an entry is disqualified, awards are given to the next winning entry.

7. Each prize must have at least four entries or we will cancel that particular prize and move it to the next day.

8. Prizes and winners may be photographed, and entry registration indicates permission for Onezumi Events Inc. and their sponsors to show these images in all public media, including online and print media, in perpetuity.

9. Onezumi Events Inc. and Intervention staff, volunteers, and management cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost entries.

10. Intervention staff, management, and guests (or their helpers) are not eligible for entry.

11. All decisions of the judges and management are final.

Raffle Specific Rules Information:

All eligible* people will get a raffle ticket when they pick up their badge at the registration desk or other check in location.

Take this ticket to the vendor room and choose your raffle. There will be one raffle each day, each with a different set of prizes. There will be multiple winners per raffle. Odds of winning depends on the total number of items in the raffle, and the total number of people who’ve entered that particular raffle.

Tickets entered in one raffle will *not* carry over into the next raffle.
For example, if you enter the Friday raffle, but don’t win, your ticket will *not* go into the Saturday drawing.
Non-winning tickets will be destroyed after the raffle.

Once you’ve chosen your raffle, write your name and a way of contacting you at the convention on one half of your ticket. Drop that half into the raffle of your choosing. This information will only be used to contact you – once – if you have won the raffle.

You do not need to be present to win.

Winning ticket numbers will be written on a sign that will be posted outside of the Randolph Room (across form the main dealer’s room entrance). If you are not present at the raffle you’ve won, you can show your ticket and pick up your prize at the Auction/raffle table in the vendor room, or at Ops if the vendor room is closed.

Any prize that is unclaimed by the official end of the convention (4pm Sunday) is forfeit unless other arrangements have been made.
(Please see a staff member to make these arrangements)


Staff, Guests, Volunteers, and Press are not eligible to enter or win a raffle.

Every eligible person will receive one (1) free raffle ticket when they get their badge. Additional raffle tickets will not be sold by the convention.

You may win only one raffle prize for the entire convention.

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