Debuts At Intervention 2013

The following items will make their debut at Intervention 2013:

From Nicole of Hello, The Future!:

Giant Robot Album, her first album with a LIVE BAND:

From Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells of Skin Horse:

Volume 4 of the “Skin Horse” anthology book series

NERD Comics:
NERD Comics is putting out its fourth annual anthology! They are excited and proud to be debuting this year’s title, “Shakespeare”, at Intervention 2013.

Em²a Cartoon:
Emma Lysyk is debuting her 10th Birthday paperback book. 10 years of comics, all in one place, with a few extra pages of select behind-the-scenes unpublished art. This is a shorter version of her hardcover 10th Birthday Art Book at a more affordable price.

ThunderKid Manga has just received all new 3″ figurines depicting the hero and heroine of the story. They will be debuting all summer long including during Intervention.

Ronald Hennessy:
The second “Maddie Mckenszie” title “Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners” will be making it’s debut at Intervention! Maddie is celebrating her 5th birthday! Maddie desires having a fancy tea party for her birthday more than anything else. Her manners however needs a lot of work – with last years birthday being an absolute disaster. Maddie’s family reluctantly agree with the tea party on ONE condition: her manners MUST improve. Friends and family all help out to get Maddie’s manners into shape before the big day…with hilarious results.

DPH Games:
CACHE ME IF YOU CAN! is the Geocaching board game that is for anyone interested in exploration, adventure and treasure hunting. The game was released in May of this year.
At Intervention 2013 the Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching expansion pack will be available for play-testing. It’s due to be released this September.

Toefield Illustration:
Toefield Illustration will be debuting Their “Video Game” print run. This print run will show off images that have been created based on a number of popular game franchises.

Tangent Artists:
Tangent Artists is proud to debut the newest issues of our popular comic Skeleton Crew at Intervention 2013!

Chris Otto:
Chris Otto will be debuting a children’s coloring/activity book called “Where’s My Ball?” along with the third collection of “A Dog’s Life” comics, titled “The Monster In The Closet”.

Christopher Paulsen:
Intervention comes along right after the second print collection of Precocious is released! The book contains over 300 Precocious comics, as well as a bonus story, deleted scenes, commentary and a special selection of Precocious’ spin-off comic, Copper Road.

Dead Bat Designs:

Dead Bat Designs will have a preview copy for viewing at their table, for those who might want to pre-order their new book project Death is Good or back the kickstarter project, which is here:

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