LARP Information:

On both Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th:

  • Q&A and character builds start at noon
  • Interfection starts at 10a.m and runs until 6p.m. It has special events starting every hour on the hour. wrap up at 6.
  • Vampire Larp (EoE): Registration starts at 8p.m. Game start is at 9p.m. runs until dawn.

Sunday will be wrap up to all LARPs and have some prizes awarded to some participants.

The LARP room will have someone at the room at all times for giving out information and explanations. Characters can be built or rules questioned any time during normal con operating hours.

LARP event details:


A deadly virus has broken out in the Convention hallways. As a survivor, your goal is to gather supplies and survive the weekend. Zombie’s goals are much simpler: Eat all the Brains!

Since Intervention’s inception, this infectious institution has been highly regarded as a “must play” event by both attendees and staff.

Stop by the LARP room to grab a bandana and play this convention-tailored version of Humans vs Zombies tag. Players can follow our main story through the weekend, drop in the LARP room for a mission to earn some items, or just wander the halls tagging any player they encounter. Confined to hallways and played during all hours, Interfection allows players to enjoy everything a convention has to offer, between the high-paced action of the apocalypse!

Champions LARP; “Millenium City Mayhem” by Damocles Thread; presented by Steve Tasker.

Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4. Your secret identity in real life. Millennium City is in trouble – Villains, Heroes and those in between are trapped in the thrall of The Dread and Terrible Sub-Galactic Emperor. Many heroes are changed, missing or worse. It is up to you to save the city, conquer it, or doom mankind. New Players encouraged and welcome; make your character on site or use a pregen. Also, players of Champions the RPG and Champions Online may bring their characters to be translated into the Live Action System. Costumes a plus!


Saturday Afternoon from 4-6. Bring your team, or join one on site. Up to eight teams of five players each will take part in a tense, vicious tournament of strategy and guts! Each team consists of a Captain and five heroes. Randomly allocated rounds will be run by normal Freeblades Skirmish rules, with one side representing The Knights of Haradel and the other side The Grular Horde . A team wins by decimating the other side! The battlefield will be randomly set with full-scale scenery for each round, and actual line-of-sight will be used for each decision. The Captain must lead his team to fight cooperatively and intelligently every step of the way.

Sword of Damocles

Inspired by American Gods. Players are immortal divine forces who walk the earth and continue the battles of the old world in the new world. The conflict is for the souls of nations and the heart of America.

Echoes of Empires

The Echoes of Empires group will also be back this year for those of you who like their undead with less shamble and more fangs. If you want to dive deep into vampire politics and otherworldly drama, this is the event for you. Their description:

“Echoes of Empires is a stripped down more inter-continuity compatible version of the Original World Of Darkness games. We are currently running year by year and line by line through the Phoenix Prophecies. It is a shared universe game and characters can be imported form one chronicle to another. If you would like to start your character before the convention character creation rules are on or email us with concepts at if there is no reply within 48 hours email”

You can get a copy of their PDF file for the event:
Click The Image To Download the PDF.

2 Responses to “LARP”

  1. Dallas says:

    I lost my Zombie band from last year, can I still start out as undead?

    • P.J. says:

      No need to worry about losing your band from last year. We have a fresh supply! Typically all players start as humans. So if you prefer your Interfection play with a bit more limp and groan…start thinking of creative ways to sacrafice yourself to help the survivors so you can join the ranks of the undead!!

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