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Con hours: The con runs mostly nonstop from Friday at noon until Sunday at 4PM!

Intervention 2013 Programming Descriptions:

Intervention 2013 Programming Descriptions
Antipode Presents: Meet and Greet with the ladies of Antipode Geek Bellydance

Do you like Sin City? Do you like Bellydance? How about terribly awesome humor? If you answered yes to all or at least one of these questions then this panel is for you! Come and interact with this nerd loving group of femme fatales as they play games, tell jokes, do a little dancing, and award some lucky people with Antipode prizes.
Antipode Presents: "A Cowabunga Belly Dance!"

Who doesn’t love those pizza eating, green shelled, ninja heroes? Come join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they, and perhaps a few others from the series, raise some shell at Interventioncon.

They’re away from their home sweet sewer in NYC. Sent by Master Splinter with very specific instructions to be on the look out for The Foot Clan in DC. The turtles are ready for battle, and for dance! Watch as Antipode brings you the TMNT in belly dancing style. Fun, entertaining, and family friendly this is a geek worthy show with extra cheese, no anchovies.

Dude, you won’t wanna miss it!
Astrology and Tarot as Writing Tools

Tarot and astrology are topics that have fascinated fiction writers for decades. But did you know that even if they don't feature in your story, they make great behind-the-scenes tools for writing? In this panel we'll discuss ways to use tarot and astrology to help spice up your brainstorming, flesh out character details, jump-start a stalled plot, and more.
Audio Podcasting and Internet Radio 101

Our panelists will talk about ways to start up your own audio podcast, or Internet Radio station--the equipment to get, software to use, and creating a website for distribution or hooking up with a streaming provider.
Back In My Day: The Webcomic Veterans Panel

This panel is comprised of webcomic artists and creators who've been doing their work (of some sort, not necessarily just one comic) for at least seven years or more. They will grouse about the "good old days" and tell you youngsters to get off their yard. They might also tell you something that might "learn you" something.
Bad Movies Are Great Movies

Let's rant and rave about our favorite bad movies.

Is "Troll 2" really the best worst movie ever?

Do you worship at the altar of "Manos: The Hands of Fate"?

Is throwing spoons instead of a football your new favorite past time?

Then join us as we discuss bad movies and why we love them so much.

Bring your best impression of your top moments from movies that are memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Basics of Manga Studio 5

Been wanting to look in to Manga Studio 5 by Smith Micro? Author of the upcoming Mastering Manga Studio 5 demonstrates the basics of the software, showing you how to use MS5 to make comics and illustrations.
Beyond the Fill Bucket: Experimentation in Comic Creation

Ideas like Scott McCloud's "Infinite Canvas" challenge and inspire us to literally think outside the box when it comes to webcomics. In a similar way, this panel is a friendly discussion of webcomics as an art form, as a means for communicating visual artistic ideas and finding your own voice. Panelists will share their own unique methods, influences, use of tools (digital and/or traditional) and otherwise stylistic choices that set their works apart.
Beyond The Shiny Disk: Music in the Internet Age

Post Napster and bittorrent, how do musicians make a living in the Internet age? Our panelists will talk about how they've adapted and managed to use the internet to their advantage.
Blogging For Fun and Profit

Do you have something to say? Why not start a blog? Is it really that easy? Our panelists will talk about the fun parts, and the not so fun parts, about making your blog successful and possibly even profitable.
Charity Auction: Electronic Frontier Foundation Benefit

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. They defend free speech on the Internet, fight illegal surveillance, promote the rights of innovators to develop digital technologies, and work to ensure that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are enhanced, rather than eroded, as our use of technology grows. Intervention is happy to donate the proceeds from this charity auction, which will feature items and artwork from many of our guests, to this worthy group and cause.

Intervention's Friday night meetup party!
Dave Ghoul returns to Intervention for another installment of Lovecraftian mayhem and music! Join him for Intervention's opening night meetup party and chill out and listen to some tunes while talking and meeting the other members of the Intervention community. It starts slow and soothing--perfect for talking and connecting, but if the conditions are right, it can go totally crazy later into the night!

Dave Ghoul spins the tunes, you wear the costumes, everyone dances. It's the Saturday night dance party where Cosplay and Costuming reign. Prizes for Best/Innovative/Fun costumes will be given out.
Coffee is for closers...Tough love for creative people...

This panel is really about any artist in any media, art, music, writing, etc.

The title, taken from the business monologue in the film Glen Garry Glen Ross, is used as a center point for discussing the realities of living life as a creative person in the real world. Or at least trying to.

Is being an Artist living the life of the ultimate outsider?
Convention Horror Stories and Lessons Learned

Join our panel of veterans of the Convention Trenches to hear tales of their sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious misadventures encountered in the course of running conventions. Perhaps equally important are the lessons we learned from these experiences, which will also be shared. Bring your stories as well to share!
Copyright 101

A run down from an artist's standpoint of what copyright is, how it works, what it does, and what you only think it does. Learn how you can use the law to protect your work, and discuss the grey and ill defined line between outright theft and fair use.
Designing your first book

You finally have enough strips in your archive, or words on a page -- now you think it's time to put them in a book. What makes a good book design? From cover design to interior. Also, a discussion on POD printing and other options for self-publishing creator.
Digital vs. Traditional - The Pros and Cons of Each

It's an Intervention Classic! In this veritable clash of titans (well, maybe not so much the "clash" part), panelists from all the schools of artistic style gather to talk about the use traditional tools, digital tools, and the many in-betweens. What are the pros? What are the cons? It's Digital vs. Traditional!
Disney Drawing Secrets Workshop with Raul Aguirre Jr.

Join 19 year veteran of the Animation business, and Host of the "Man vs. Art" Podcast, Raul Aguirre Jr. to find out how to make your character drawings look more expressive and appealing for animation, cartooning, and comics!

Awkward poses and other drawing abominations will be a thing of the past!

Learn to make your characters cooler, sexier, cuter, grosser, more bad-ass, and funnier!

Raul shares drawing tips from his Mentor the legendary Glen Keane. Sharpen your pencils and DRAW!

How should you approach a drawing? How do you hold a pencil for best results!

Sketchbook? Why the "F" would I need a sketchbook?
Drawing with Photoshop: from Path Selection to Zoom tool

People love to watch other people draw. Better still they love to watch to glean the deep dark secrets of art. This would be an hour to hour and a half long demonstration of how to draw using nothing but photoshop. From initial roughs, layout out a page, penciling, inking, flatting, and fully rendering an image. Leave your scanners behind, where we're going, we don't need scanners.
Early-Bird Stitch-n-Bitch

Bring your knit, crochet, sewing or other crafty-type project and work on it in a semi-social setting with other crafty folks at an ungodly-early hour. Caffeine consumption is encouraged, but (like your project) you'll have to bring your own. All skill levels welcome.
Enabler Only Guest Meet and Greet

Become an Enabler of Intervention and get invited to a special Guest Meet and Greet event. We'll bring the pastries, you bring your questions and small talk.
Everything you wanted to know about tabling at a convention

Tip, tricks and general conversations about having your own art or sales table at a convention - how to go about it, what you should be aware of, how to be successful at it...
Expect the Unexpected: Strange Tales from the Webcomic Universe

Once you place your work online, and get a certain level of success and traffic, you can expect that you're going to have a few "interesting" situations or encounters along the way. Our panelists will recite events or situations that they've encountered that are funny, horrifying, soul touching, or purely WTF in scope.
Flirting For Geeks

(PG-13) Learn the basics of eye contact and body language. Know the difference between "How YOU doin'?" and "I NEED AN ADULT!" If you are a Geek who enjoys dating, or a nerd who wants to know a little more about how it works, come join us as we rapid-fire through the DOs, the DO NOTs, and the OMG YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED THIS ONE TIME...
For the Love of Cartoons

A fan-based discussion of cartoons and the adult fanbase. What are the stigmas cartoon fans deal with when they say they like the original Ninja Turtles cartoon or Phineas and Ferb or even My Little Pony (gasp). Also discussing the high quality adult-focused cartoons like The Venture Brothers and Futurama.
Go For It! Taking The Leap To Full-Time Artist/Creator.

Many Intervention guests have cut the cord from their day jobs and gone on to develop successful businesses as writers, webcomic artists, musicians, and more. Join these panelists in a free-for-all Q&A discussion and ask everything you've ever wanted to know about quitting your job and going pro.
History of Comics as a Medium

From pulp beginnings to the dawn of the superhero, the Silver Age, the "other" British Invasion, and the "Extreme" Generation, comics have a storied past full of spandex, heroism, and superpowers.

But are they worthy of academic study? And what would this study reveal about ourselves as comic readers?
50 Years of The Doctor

Doctor Who is now 50 years old and still going strong. Our panelists will talk about the history of the show, it's impact on Sci-Fi and popular culture, and it's place in internet fandom.
How to make money in webcomics!

Step 1: start a webcomic. Step 2:... Step 3: Profit! Come find out (maybe) some of those Step 2 elements from our panelists.
How to speak in public

Do you want to be up at the front of the room speaking on a panel? Do you want to be more successful selling your stuff and talking with people about your work? Get advice on how to speak in public from the pros who have been doing it for years.
Intervention Gong Show

(18+) Having totally stolen this idea from NorWesCon, who stole it from a 1970s TV program, Intervention is hosting its first-ever Gong Show.

Give us your best - or worst - talent. Receive ridiculous feedback from our panel of judges. Receive crazy prizes.

This panel will definitely be NSFW, but that's okay because we aren't at work.
Intervention "Inprov" Comedy Group

For a 4th year in a row the Intervention Inprov comedy players gather together to entertain you with the jokes they made up 10 seconds ago. The panelist will play a number of improv games and solicit interaction from the audience to make a fun and dynamic show. Come and see your favorite creators make a fool of themselves.

2 Shows Are Scheduled.
Intro to Marketing Your Stuff

Communicating effectively on your site, press kits, outreach, and working with influencers is how you break out of being reliant solely on other entities - like cons - for your revenue and career. If you've been doing the con circuit and reached a plateau or you are just starting out and working on your 5 year plan this is for you.
I Signed WHAT?! A Beginner's Guide to Contracts

Your talent has gained the acclaim it deserves and now someone wants to buy your work. They are waving around a stack of papers filed with clauses, promises, and obligations. Are you prepared? This panel provides an introduction to contract law with an emphasis on what you need to know before you sign on that dotted line. Know the terms. Know your rights. Know what you are signing. Because knowing is half the battle. The rest is red lasers and blue lasers.

Panelists Scott Benfield and Eric Menge are attorneys with extensive contract experience and are both licensed to practice in Maryland.
It Needs To Be Discussed: Harassment, Drama, and Fandom Failures--We Can Do Better

What can we all do to stop the harassment, drama, and outright intolerance that appears to be a growing trend online. An open discussion to support the community.
It's All About the Villain

He might be the guy you love to hate, but without a good villain, your hero wouldn't have anything to do but sit on the couch and drink beer. Panelists: What makes a compelling villain? How do you get inside his or her head? Is it ever more fun to write from the villain's POV than the hero's? Audience: Who are your favorite villains and why? Everyone: Bring your best evil laugh!
Juggling Geek Life and Parenting

Keeping up with the latest nerdly trends can be tricky at the best of times, but finding time to keep up while raising kids? Well, that's a tribble of a different color. Come hang out with our panelists as they discuss their methods of trying to balance their geek life with the challenges of work and parenting.
Keeping Your Stuff Safe: strategies for backing up and preserving your digital life.

Think about everything digital that touches your life. Your blog posts and social networking statuses. Digital photographs and artwork. Text messages on your cell phone. All of these things can grow in importance over time, in ways that might not be envisioned or considered in the here and now. How do we make sure these things are kept safe?

Almost everyone with information stored digitally will face at least one major, significant loss of their important data at least once in their lives. And recent high-profile cloud computing failures have only shown that the webcomics, blogs and other things we entrust to the cloud is still at risk.

So, how do we keep our stuff safe? This session will discuss some strategies for good backup plans that can help preserve the information you value the most.
Kickstart My Art

You've heard about Kickstarter, but aren't sure how to get started? Then join us as we walk you through the project creation process and give you the tips you need to create a successful Kickstarter campaign.
LARP: Champions; "Millenium City Mayhem"

Your secret identity in real life. Millennium City is in trouble-- Villains, Heroes and those in between are trapped in the thrall of The Dread and Terrible Sub-Galactic Emperor. Many heroes are changed, missing or worse. It is up to you to save the city, conquer it, or doom mankind. New Players encouraged and welcome; make your character on site or use a pregen. Also, players of Champions the RPG and Champions Online may bring their characters to be translated into the Live Action System. Costumes a plus!
LARP: Echoes of Empires

The Echoes of Empires group will also be back this year for those of you who like their undead with less shamble and more fangs. If you want to dive deep into vampire politics and otherworldly drama, this is the event for you.
LARP: Freeblades

Bring your team, or join one on site. Up to eight teams of five players each will take part in a tense, vicious tournament of strategy and guts! Each team consists of a Captain and five heroes. Randomly allocated rounds will be run by normal Freeblades Skirmish rules, with one side representing The Knights of Haradel and the other side The Grular Horde . A team wins by decimating the other side! The battlefield will be randomly set with full-scale scenery for each round, and actual line-of-sight will be used for each decision. The Captain must lead his team to fight cooperatively and intelligently every step of the way.
LARP: Interfection

Interfection, the Intervention Zombie LARP, will be continue it's reign as the preeminent convention zombie LARP this year. Will you be infected? Will you fall prey to the evil Zombie baby (like so many of our participants in our first year)? Interfection was a huge success in 2010, 2011, and 2012 garnering some of the highest feedback to us as a "must do" event at the con, so we are very excited to have them return this year for further undead hijinks.
LARP: Sword of Damocles

Inspired by American Gods. Players are immortal divine forces who walk the earth and continue the battles of the old world in the new world. The conflict is for the souls of nations and the heart of America.
Live Music: Hello, The Future!

Nicole and her one-person band Hello, The Future! sings stories about the intersection of fandom and reality. This is her FOURTH YEAR at Intervention! She has also performed at MAGFest, Phoenix Comicon, Gam3rcon, Dragon*Con, Philcon, Lunacon, and and a bunch of other places with "con" at the end of them. This year she is singing material from her new "true stories" album, Giant Robot Album, in addition to old favorites like that one about the monkeys and the robots.
Live Music: Jennifer Logue

Jennifer Logue is a singer/songwriter who splits her time between NYC and Philadelphia. Her music has been featured on ABC and MTV and in her career thus far, has been honored by both ASCAP and the John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her songwriting.
Making Makers

Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE Magazine talks about Cool Tools for makers and the neat things makers have made with them.

Mark Frauenfelder: Boing Boing, MAKE Magazine, or Ask Me Anything

Come meet Mark Frauenfelder, founder of and MAKE Magazine and ask him anything about his projects, art, or cool toys.
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire and Star Power Q&A

Michael "Mookie" Terracciano's webcomic strip Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire may be over, but questions remain--your questions! His new strip Star Power is just starting, so now's the time to jump on board and get the answers you seek.
Movie Showing: Browncoats: Redemption

(PG-13) Browncoats: Redemption is a crowd sourced, independent film set in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity universe,
Movie Showing: Cinematic For The People - Live Riffing of "The Fast & The Furious"

CFTP is back again to bring you the worst in movies that we can find and then somehow make them entertaining. Join us as we riff 1 of 2 movies we're featuring this year, "The Fast and The Furious". Yes you've read that right. Join us as we attempt to endure this film that is anything BUT fast or furious.
Movie Showing: Cinematic For The People - Live Riffing of "The Werewolf of Washington"

CFTP is back again to bring you the worst in movies that we can find and then somehow make them entertaining. Join us as we riff 1 of 2 movies we're featuring this year, "The Werewolf of Washington". Join us to see if we can stop ourselves from tearing our own hair out. Either way it's guaranteed to be a better love story than Twilight.
Movie Showing: Con Drama

(PG-13) "Con Drama", created by the crew at is a short film that relates the misadventures of a group of friends sharing a room at a convention. In their words: "If you've been to a con with your friends, you might know the drama that goes on in your room. Con Drama is a film about that."
Movie Showing: Dork of the Rings

(PG-13) A Lord of the Rings Parody film: Frudo Buggins must deliver The One Ring of Boundless Credit to Bank Boom to close the account of Lord Mauron, who is rapidly taking over Muddle-earth with his oppressive Dork-mart franchise.
Movie Showing: Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise

(PG-13) Intervention is pleased to offer its attendees a showing of the feature-length Harry Potter parody film, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise.
Movie Showing: Ninjas Versus Monsters

(R) Ninjas battle Monsters in this all new action-horror-comedy! The finale of the award-winning indie movie trilogy! Join the Battle!!
Movie Showing: Ninjas Versus Vampires

(R) Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010's cult smash, "Ninjas Vs Zombies"!
Movie Showing: Ninjas Versus Zombies

(R) Ninjas battle Zombies for the fate of the world in this Action-Horror-Comedy! The start of the "Ninjas Versus" series.
Movie Showing: Sarah's Missing Shadow

(G) A new Children's Video project by Eric Kimble, and voiced by Nicole from Hello, The Future!
Movie Showing: The WTF World of YouTube

YouTube is a treasure trove of videos that provide viewers with entertainment, information, and description.

Those videos have no place in this panel.

Daily Dot reporter and Intervention staffer Mike Fenn has chronicled the holidays of 2012 and 2013 through some of the most insane videos ever uploaded to YouTube. From a man in a leprechaun suit declaring his love for the Shamrock Shake to Wilford Brimley reluctantly reciting a Christmas poem, YouTube is brimming with holiday-related WTF-ness.
Movie Showing and Q&A: Fight Choreography 101

At the Fight Choreography 101 workshop, members of the DC Stunt Coalition will be showing indie film makers, actors, martial artists, wannabe stunt-people, and fans alike, how to safely bring your action fantasies to life for the purpose of epic battles on stage and video!
Movie Showing and Q&A: Margee Kerr and the Psychology of Fear

(PG-13) In 2012 Margee helped to create, write, and host the '"Scare U" web series with the ScareHouse which aired in October of 2012. Scare U presents fast paced
 and entertaining lessons all about fear, covering everything from the evolution of the fight or flight response to the fear of zombies and clowns, to why people love to be scared.
My Little Bronies: An Online Fandom Phenomenon

"Bronies", male fans of the new version of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" animated series are an example of how the internet is changing and expanding traditional fandom. Find out why these Bronies love this series, and how the internet is allowing them to connect and expand this fandom in unique and new ways--and what this might mean for fandom moving forward in the internet age.
Ninjas Versus Everyone: The winner is Endlight Entertainment

Find out how hard it is to pit Ninjas versus Monsters (and Zombies and Vampires) by talking to the team behind the "Ninjas Versus" movie series, Endlight Entertainment.
Paul Sabourin: Music and Comedy and That Sort of Thing, Ask Me Anything

Paul Sabourin, one half of the internationally known online music act "Paul and Storm", co-founder of w00tstock, and member of the Geek and Sundry Youtube channel answers your questions on his wide range of work...but questions about Wil Wheaton are right out...maybe.
Photoshop Cheats for Busy Artists

If you're forging through the world of freelance art or webcomics, chances are you already have a full-time job. So how can you use the precious time available to do something that looks snazzy? Our presenter will guide you through the murky land of layers and fills to finish your assignments and yet still get that sleep stuff we've been hearing about.
Politics in Webcomics

How can one delve into hot button topics, while still maintaining an audience. Let's talk about webcomics that take a political stand, the impact of those politics on the creative process and the potential pitfalls and payoffs.
Radio Free Intervention

Join us for a live broadcast of Bomb Shelter Radio. Look over the console while the show is going, ask the DJ technical and style questions, request a song, sit down at a microphone, suggest a news story. Bring your laptop and see what is going on in our chat room and Twitter. This session is part performance, part Q&A and massively unstructured.
Real World vs. Geek World: Balancing Your Commitments

Whether you run a webcomic, a blog, a podcast, or an MMO guild, there's a good chance you're not one of those who can (yet) make a living on your geekery. Is it possible to do both at the same time? How do you manage your own creativity as opposed to getting your real-world job done? And which one do you tell people is your job when they ask what you do for a living? Hear what the web's multitaskers have to say about how and why they do it.
Redeeming the World Through Film: A Conversation with Micheal Dougherty

Micheal Dougherty, the President, co-founder and a board member of Big Damn Films, Inc. (BDF), a non-profit that supports meaningful causes through the development, creation, distribution and promotion of independent films, answers your questions about his work on Browncoats:Redemption and his new film Z*Con, as well as the art of film making and working with established properties.
Revenue Streams: How to Make Ten-Tenths of a Living

Books, merchandise, subscriptions, donations, advertising, spinoff comics, mobile apps, paid downloads, character licensing, games, animated series, movie options, speaking fees, selling original art, springboarding your other projects and services! It might be that none of these can make you a living on from your work, but combining many or most into one business model could.
Robots on Mars and other Awesome things about Space

With Curiosity making people consider the awesomeness that is Space, our panelists are going to take a hard look at the epic nature of the void. From fantasy to reality, fact to fiction, space offers so much if we are but bold enough to seize it.
Sh!t Gets Real: A conversation with frustrated artists

(PG-13) A bunch of artists sit around and complain for an hour. Cursing will be tallied and encouraged.
Show Me The (Youtube) Money: The highs and (possible) lows of producing online video

Our panelists will talk about their experiences making online video and pass along some tricks and tips for success--and possibly help keep you from it's pitfalls. And is there money to be made working with Youtube or other online video services?
Sluggy Freelance: The Beginning of the End.

Webcartoonist Pete Abrams discusses the beginning of the end of one of the longest running webcomics in world history. Actually more of a Q&A session. ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF THE END!!!
So, How'd We Do?

This panel is the last panel of the con. Come give Harknell, Onezumi, and the rest of the Intervention team your feedback on the event. We encourage you to make suggestions for next year as well.
So, you wanna be an artist? Raul Aquirre Jr., Ask Me Anything.

For 19 years Artist, Writer, Animator, Director, Podcast Host, Cartoonist, and Comics maker Raul Aguirre Jr. made his living as a professional artist. HOW?!

Keep your shirt on! Raul shares his secrets to getting motivated, finding inspiration, being passionate and NEVER GIVING UP!

If a son of immigrants who was born in East L.A. can make it as an artist, what's your excuse. So if you wanna be an artist, this panel is a must for you!

Day jobs are for chumps!
The Art and Music Studio

Intervention presents the Art Studio and Music Studio, a room open 24 hours a day that encourages attendees, guests, and staff to contribute artwork or statements on the dry erase walls of the room. At the end of the con, the results will be imaged and placed online. The room is also available for spontaneous musical performances.
The Artist/Writer relationship

It's not easy to find the right artist or writer to collaborate with--our panelists will discuss some common pitfalls of the Artist/Writer relationship and how to deal with them when they arise.
The Changing Landscape: Challenges for Indie Game Developers in 2013

An aspiring indie game developer faces all kinds of challenges, but none is more daunting than the rapidly-transforming, incredibly crowded market. Join a solo developer with no budget as he attempts to navigate the myriad of platforms, app stores and frameworks. He'll also explain the necessity to redefine the term "success" for yourself, and talk about his experiences publishing five games on Xbox Live Indie Games. How do you gauge your competition when it numbers in the tens of thousands? When it comes to pricing, how expensive is too expensive? Is it actually worth developing your game at all? These questions, along with some of your own, will be answered.
The Computer is Willing, but the Spirit is Weak: How to Build the Motivation to Keep Going

Everyone hits that point in their career -- where it seems like a wall has popped up in front of your creativity or output. How do you find the motivation to keep on working? Our panelists will talk about the techniques they've used to move forward and keep their motivation and creative juice flowing.
The Man vs. Art Podcast. An Audio podcast about Visual Art? WTF?

Occasionally brooding, deeply passionate, and always interesting L.A. artist, animator, writer, and director Raul Aguirre Jr. draws on his nineteen years of experience at Disney, Nickelodeon, and Fox to inform, inspire, and entertain artists.

Warning!! Once you hear Man vs. Art, you can't unhear it!

Raul shares for the first time the production process that he goes into when crafting his podcast. Why is Man vs. Art so fun and unique? Plus he tackles the elephant in the room. An audio podcast about Visual Arts? That's absurd! He's crazy! .......Crazy like FOX news!
There Is a Line: Handling Potentially Offensive Topics in Webcomics

Since webcomic creators only answer to themselves and their audience, how do they decide how far to go with humor, language, violence, sex, and other situations? Does a creator have a greater responsibility to police themselves or does literally anything go?
The Skin Horse Panel

Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells of the webcomic Skin Horse talk about their work and where they are going from here.
The Time For Indie Film Is Now!

Do you want to make a film? Do it now! The time has never been better for to get involved with film production. It won't be easy of course, but our panelists will give you some info on how you can get started in a professional (and hopefully) profitable way.
Through the fractured looking glass

(18+) "I can't check Facebook/Google+/twitter/LiveJournal because I.T. blocked the site" is a common complaint nowadays. Yet, many Internet security systems are as effective as a locked front door on a house with all the windows left wide open. This panel will discuss why these blocking tools do not work, how they can be bypassed, how they can be fixed and some tips on how to protect yourself on the Internet. 18+ since some information is provided for "educational" purposes only.
Tone it Down 4: A Game of Jabrones

(21+) The GOtaku crew are back for another round of ruthlessly taking to task the negative aspects of our treasured geek culture! Be warned, this panel is not for the faint of heart or those lacking in self-awareness or a sense of humor. But if you think you've got what it takes to join us for a send-up of some of the things we hold dear, strap in for a night of vicious masochism!

King Drunk and the Knights of the Party Table will be in court, so beware because they will be taking a "shot" at everything in range.
Totally Tubular Turtle Treats

Cowabunga Dude and Dudettes! Come join Cooking Mama 1 and 2 of Antipode for this hands on workshop. Everyone is welcome to join in and help make ooze punch, pizza cookies, and Foot Clan cupcakes for the turtle power party!

Rena, aka Cooking Mama 1, is a local cake decorating artist who is going to teach you her savvy tricks for making great treats. You can follow her on her tumblr-
Traditional Inking

Practical discussion of materials and methods for inking comics from preparing pencil drawings for inking, papers suitable for inking, and types of inks, pens, brushes and drawing aids that can be used to create a finished product. Pros and cons of the various materials from personal experience.Physical examples will be available for participants to examine and try their hand on. A question and answer period will conclude the presentation.
TREKOFF LIVE: A foulmouthed Star Trek Comedy Podcast

(18+) TREKOFF is a NSFW Trek related Comedy podcast which has been recording for 2 years (subscribe on iTunes or go to, has nearly 80 episodes and has very recently joined the TREKRADIO family. Featuring Filmmaker Justin Timpane (Ninjas Vs) and actress Alexia Poe, this naughty, raucous TREK podcast has been performing live all over the DMV since their debut at INTERVENTION and is excited to be shooting their feature film TREKOFF: The Motion Picture! Keep an eye out and you might just find your way into the film!!
Ultimate Room Party: How to seem completely badass with booze

(21+) This will be an informational panel describing more about different kinds of alcohol, safe ways to drink, and useful hangover remedies. No samples will be given at the panel, though there are plenty near by...

This will be held at the Event Hotel Bar area.
We Are The Intervention

Come talk to Onezumi and Harknell, founders and Co-Con Chairs of Intervention, about the event, their comic work, their theme park and haunted attraction adventures, or any other Stupid and Insane stuff you can think of. They are (almost) guaranteed to stay in one place during the duration of this panel.
Webcomics 101: Creativity, Art, and Writing

You're looking at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper and you just keep looking! Let our panelists help you figure out how to get started, how to keep going and how now to paint yourself into an artistic corner. Let's talk formatting and how to best communicate your vision to your artist. And, if you're an artist, how can you take advantage of the written word to make your story better.
Website Hosting For Art and Comics

This panel will walk you through the various option for hosting your comic or art online. It will cover free hosting option and paid hosting as well as the major comic and art hosting systems you can install on your own.
What Is Stopping You From Making Something Awesome?

What 5 key obstacles hold people back from being Awesome? Submit projects/endeavors you want to do, but are having trouble with, and our panelists and the crowd will help you overcome your obstacles.

At the end of the workshop, attendees should feel energized and ready to jump into new projects, or jump back into those they were stuck in.

(We just really like helping people be creative and awesome)
WordPress 101

WordPress is the fastest growing online content management system, and can be adapted for use for comics, blogging, podcasting, video, and nearly infinite other uses. Come learn the basics on it's set up and usage from our panel of experts.
Workshop: Event Runners AMA

We are the people who set up Intervention (and other) events, come to this workshop to ask us anything about the process--from business, programming, guest relations, operations, or anything in-between.
Workshop: Everyone Needs Help Sometimes -- Webcomic and Art Portfolio Reviews

You have an idea for a comic, or want to get some feedback on your work. This is the place for you. During this open workshop our artists will gladly chime in and give feedback on your work or ideas and give you tips to get going to the next level.
Workshop: Sing Me A Song

This workshop is your opportunity to talk to other musicians to help refine your songwriting or other music related work. Get feedback or just bounce ideas off our musicians to help you get to the next step in your work.
Workshop: Tell Me A Story

This workshop is your opportunity to talk to other authors to help refine your written work. Get feedback or just bounce ideas off our authors to help you get to the next step in your work.
Workshop: TThe Future of Storytelling: Where To Find Millions of Readers Online

The future of storytelling is digital and mobile. Find out why over 15 million people have joined Wattpad, the largest community of readers and writers in the world. On this panel, Bill Gourgey will show you how Wattpad is transforming the art of storytelling and raising a new generation of tech-savvy, enthusiastic readers. Bill Gourgey is the author of sci-fi novel "Glide," which has over 5 million reads on Wattpad.
World Building 101

A pivotal part to any great story is the world in which it takes place in, be it the past, present, future, or even an alternate universe! If you are new to story creation, or are just looking to get a different perspective, stop on by as we discuss the basics of creating and presenting a new, fascinating setting for your comic or game.
Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters

When writing an adventure or a story, having characters that the readers can get into is half the battle. If the readers or players become intrigued by the characters, then the rest of the story will fall into place. Join our panelists as they discuss creating vibrant and dynamic characters that will grip your audience.
Writing for Fantasy Stories

Writing for a fantasy story can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a daunting task. How do you build an entire original world from the ground up, complete with unique cultures, people, geography, creatures, magic, and everything else? How do you populate your world with memorable, three-dimensional characters and a unique and intriguing plot? And how do you spin all these fantastic elements into a believable story that will resonate with real-world readers? Come join us for a creative discussion where we'll take a look at topics including creation of setting and characters, various methods for getting ideas and steering your plot, resources and research, editing and how you can communicate your vision in collaboration with an artist. The panelists will be sharing plenty of tips and anecdotes from their own comic and writing journeys.
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