The following events will occur at Intervention 2013 outside of the normal programming schedule:

Enabler Only Guest Meet and Greet Party

Become an Enabler of Intervention and get invited to a special exclusive Guest Meet and Greet event held on the evening of Saturday the 24th. We’ll bring the pastries, you bring your questions and small talk.


ConTag is at its core a scavenger hunt. An electronic one where you need a smartphone or internet enabled device. Last year was our first attempt and it went well with marginal success due to its low profile. This year, things will be different.

It works using special QR tags located throughout the convention space located on walls, tables and people. Using either a QR reader or a web browser (url is on every tag) you collect codes that are worth points. The one with the highest points by Sunday wins a free pass to Intervention 2014. Sounds easy enough, right?

There are different tags out there, some with colored borders and some without. Knowing your tags can help you play the game better and get more points. The first ones to note are those with no borders, our clued tags. These will have you visiting spots throughout the convention and various vendor/artist tables. Each of these will be worth 100 points and will give you a clue to the next one. Get enough in a row and you will build up a multiplier that will be applied to your next clued tag. Scan any out of order and you break that chain, losing your multiplier.

Green bordered tags are for panel space and are worth 25 points each, but can be scanned again at the next panel in that room for another 25 points. Last year we found it was too easy to get these without needing to stop by each panel, we have a fix for that now by changing out the codes hourly.

Trivia tags with a gold border will also be placed throughout the convention space and each will prompt you with a random trivia question about the convention, guests, sponsors, or just plain geekiness. You get 15 minutes to answer. You’ll get another chance to answer a question in an hour. Each tag is different too, so scan each for a new question in the same hour.
People will also have tags with a blue border worth 50 points. These can be anywhere on their person but typically visible. But be polite, they don’t need to let you scan it. As I tell my kids, please and thank you go a long way.
Also we have on Sunday morning our Great Tag Hunt. Aside from being a way for me to dispose of last years tags easily, at 11:00am for the next 30 minutes, the large area past the Video Gaming room and outside the Art / Music Studio will be littered with tags, some visible, some hidden/obscured. Each will be worth anywhere from 20 points up to 200.

Finally, we have added something called ‘Sets’. Collect all the tags inside that set (could be any of the above mentioned tags to make up a set) and you will get a bonus for your diligence. Sets will be visible from the home page on

I’m hoping for this to be a great thing with a lot of fun. To further advertise ConTag, there will be signs up explaining the game. Any questions or ideas, feel free to email the Contag administrator at

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