Room Hours:
Friday: Noon – 1am
Saturday: 8am – 1am
Sunday: 8am- Noon

Intervention 2013 will have our most extensive Video Gaming area ever. The newest games, and the best cooperative experiences available will all be set up and ready to for you to jump right in. If you like the newest stuff then chop up some fruit with Kinect or show your dance or singing skills; and those of you into retro can play our library of Commodore 64 games alongside your friends on the NES.

There will be at least:
* 6 xbox360s
* 1 Wii
* N64
* Sega Genesis
* Commodore 64
Also RockBand and Kinect set ups.

1 360 will be focused on Kids Games (arcade and such)

We are also happy to have yyrGames demoing some of their Xbox Live games in our video room this year:
Aaron Teplitsky develops arcade-style action-packed games for Xbox LIVE In- die Games (and hopefully for other platforms, in the future). The definition of “indie games” is often cloudy, because they come from teams in all different shapes and sizes. yyrGames is as “indie” as it gets, because it’s just one person doing it all. The graphics aren’t great, but you’ll have fun… guaranteed!

This year’s Room Layout:


ROCKBAND “Band” Tournament
Sign up to be in a Band in our RockBand “Band” Tournament. Two Tournaments. one Friday and one Saturday. This is a day long event. Sign up as a Band of any size (max 4) and record your score. Play on any level, any song, show your chops. Do you have what it takes, give it a shot.

Players can be in any number of bands, but can only win once. If you win Friday, you cannot be in a participating band Saturday, sorry. A minimum number of four (4) bands needs to participate to be judged. If there is less than four, both days will be combined into one and the prize doubled.

Friday: 5pm – 9pm
Saturday: 1pm – 9pm

Fruit Ninja (Kinect)
Fruit Ninja is back! Try your hand at getting the high score of the day playing the 60 second Arcade mode. You get 60 seconds to prove your Ninja worth. Bring your Ponchos, this will be like a virtual Ghallagher show.

Friday: 5pm – 9pm
Saturday: 2pm – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 1pm.

Smash Brothers (Wii)
An old favorite is back. Come by and participate in our elimination style 1v1v1v1 tournament (elimination format to be determined by time allowed and participation). 3 stock, 8 minute time limits, and no items Come by the Video Game Room to sign up.

Saturday: 3pm

BombSquad (Ouya)
New Console, New Game. Like Smash Bros? Try BombSquad, it will pit up to 8 players into a to your death battle tossing everything from sticky bombs to landmines at you opponents. Or just make it personal and punch their lights out. Manage 5 rounds in the top 4 and you will go to the next round. Top 4 will battle it out another 5 rounds and the top 2 win prizes! Minimum 4 players to start, max 16. We’re still testing more than 4 players, final rules to be posted at the convention.

Friday: 9pm
Saturday: 5pm


Halo Midnight Madness
An old favorite of ours. 16 Player Halo game across all our Xbox 360s. We take 15 minutes to setup custom profiles for each player and divide into teams. We play a full set of different game types and some custom ones we’ve come across. Trash talking encouraged. Players should be 16 or older due to use of foul language.

Friday: Midnight – Whenever

Double Fine Kinect Party
(Childrens Programming) 2 hours of pure clean fun for kids in front of one of the more fun devices ever made for the Xbox 360. Kids (and adults) can be walked through multiple scenes where you play characters on the screen doing everything from digging at a virtual beach to stomping over virtual blocks as a dinosaur breathing fire.

Saturday: Noon – 2pm.


ConTag – Great Tag Hunt

Sunday 11:00 am – 11:30 (outside the Video Game Room)

ConTag – Prizes / Q&A

Sunday 1:00 pm

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  1. mellissa says:

    Someone brought up a good idea to me…. if there is a popular game or a tournament going on in the game room, can we stream it online? Just an idea… it can also be used to get more funding for future Intervention cons.

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