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Intervention 6 Programming Descriptions:

Intervention 6 Programming Descriptions
50 Years of The Doctor...and Counting

Doctor Who has been running for over 50 years. With a show that's run that long there's plenty to talk about. Join our panelists as they discuss their memories of the series and find out about the other parts of the extended universe in areas like books and Big Finish audio dramas.
Amy Chu: Wonder Woman to Girls Night Out, and Beyond

Amy Chu has worked as a writer for DC Comics, Valiant Comics, and more--as well as published her own work at Alpha Girl Comics.

You have questions about working with publishers and self-publishing of comics, Amy has answers.
Artists and Business: A Q&A with a Business Lawyer

Ever wanted to ask a business lawyer how to get your online creativity to generate a revenue stream, how to brand yourself or how to self-publish? Here is your opportunity to ask away. Shena Dixon Mason, Esquire AKA "The Dutchess of Justice" Protector of Niota, gives you an opportunity to do just that!
Audio Podcasting and Internet Radio 101

Our panelists will talk about ways to start up your own audio podcast, or Internet Radio station--the equipment to get, software to use, and creating a website for distribution or hooking up with a streaming provider.
Bad Movies 3

Join us as we discuss bad movies and why we love them so much. Bring your best impression of your top moments from movies that are memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Blogging For Fun and Profit

Do you have something to say? Why not start or join a blog? Is it really that easy? Our panelists will talk about the fun parts, and the not so fun parts, about making your blog and online writing successful and possibly even profitable.
Boldly Going Nowhere LIVE!

THE FIRST AND ORIGINAL CASTWAVE PODCAST...PERFORMS AT INTERVENTION LIVE! The Internet...the final frontier. These are the travels of Boldly Going Nowhere. Our on-going mission? To explore the strange new realms of pop culture, to seek out the most exciting tidbits of nerd news of the week. Strap in and sit tight, cause you're Boldly Going Nowhere...
Chivlary & Sorcery - Living World of Alquennas Pt 1 and Pt 2

This is a 4 hour Role-Playing Game event.
It uses the Chivalry & Sorcery "Rebirth" edition rules. Old & new players are welcome. Pregens will be available & the rules are available for free download at
Information on the world of Alquennas can be found at

Pt 1 Time - Saturday 11:00am to 3:00pm

Pt 2 Time - Sunday 11:00am to 3:00pm
Club 242 Presents : Drink and Draw Artist Jam

Intervention's Drink and Draw party. Come listen to music, have some drinks, and do your art. Artists of any type are welcome, so draw, record, write, or dance!
Club 242 Presents: Friday Night Social Club

Intervention's Friday night meet up. It's a relaxed atmosphere where you can grab a drink, do some art, or just hang out with your fellow creators.
Convention Running: Attendee Policies

Attendee Policies: Keeping your badge holders safe and happy. Whether it's security, crowd herding, or medical help, how does a convention manage attendees without become a totalitarian utopia?
Convention Running: From Bad to Worse: Tales from Running Conventions and Conferences

Planning for the disasters you hope will never come. It could be a blizzard, a hurricane, an earthquake, kid with a gun, or a coffee shortage. How do you cope? How do you plan and practice for the unthinkable? How do you recover? Tales from Running Conventions and Conferences: The good, the bad, the ugly. How bad did it get? What did you learn?
Convention Running: Horror Stories

Have you ever had the worst happen at a Con? Your Costume fall apart? Your several hundred (or forfend, thousand) dollar prop break or crack just before you can showcase it? Get into a fight with one of your party, or did some jerk just take a swing at you? A panel on repairing costuming, props, relationships and sundry other "Horror Story" situations, as the flak hits-the-fan at these stress laden and exciting venues, these 'conventions'. Not only will we relate our tales of Woe, we will illustrate how to AVOID these particular "wrong turns" or what to do once you've stepped-in-it.
Convention Running: Leadership Strategy in Volunteers

Leadership Strategy in Volunteers: How do you recruit? How do you manage volunteers when they can just walk away at any time without consequence? What motivates a volunteer? Cost of a Volunteer: When does a volunteer's value become less than the cost to your morale? Managing difficult volunteers with amazing skills.
Convention Running: Marketing and PR

The other 362 days of a convention year. How do you sell your convention? What has social media changed for good and for bad?
Convention Running: So you Want to Run a Convention?

So you Want to Run a Convention? Tips, practical advice, and pitfalls of planning a convention from concept to post-con planning. You can invite as many guests as you like, but you'll probably never see them unless things go wrong.
Copyrights 101

A run down from an artist's standpoint of what copyright is, how it works, what it does, and what you only think it does. Learn how you can use the law to protect your work, and discuss the grey and ill defined line between outright theft and fair use.
Creativity On Contract:

Drawing up a contract and business plan around an artist's or other creator's work is often tricky. What are some of the key things to keep in mind? What are some of the possible clauses that should never appear in any contract, and why?
Dating Tips For Nerds (18+)

We've all been there, nervous about talking to someone you like, or wanting to be more social in party situations. Our panelists will give you tips on what helped them overcome their fears and be more social.
Designing Your First Book

You finally have enough strips in your archive, or words on a page -- now you think it's time to put them in a book. What makes a good book design? From cover design to interior. Also, a discussion on POD printing and other options for self-publishing creator.
Digital vs. Traditional - The pros and cons of each

It's an Intervention Classic! In this veritable clash of titans (well, maybe not so much the "clash" part), panelists from all the schools of artistic style gather to talk about the use traditional tools, digital tools, and the many in-betweens. What are the pros? What are the cons? It's Digital vs. Traditional!
DIY Custom Vinyl Toys

Learn the basics of making your own customized vinyl art toy; from My Little Pony toys to KidRobot blank models, if it's made of vinyl, you can make it into something entirely your own. From sculpting, sanding, painting and finishing, learn some simple but effective techniques to make your own one of a kind art toy. Presented by Kelsey Wailes, maker of vinyl Doctor Whoo owls, Ravenstags, and many custom My Little Pony toys.
Doctor of the Dead

He's known as the "Doctor of the Dead" in horror circles, a world-renowned zombie expert that teaches media courses in zombies, science fiction, superheroes, and comic book literature at the University of Baltimore and UMBC. He hosts two ongoing podcasts: Doctor of the Dead and The G2V Podcast: The Pop Culture Audio Magazine, both of which are produced and co-hosted by writer Scott Alan Woodard.
Doctor Who artwork and working with a licensed property.

The history, background, and modern look at 8-bit/pixel retro art style. PixelWho creates original pixelated Doctor Who artwork. Their goal is to take every Doctor's series run and pixelate every character including both significant and incidental characters. They produce limited edition fine art prints and provide a pixelatted guide for the Doctor Who fan.
Drawing with Photoshop: from Path Selection to Zoom tool

People love to watch other people draw. Better still they love to watch to glean the deep dark secrets of art. This would be an hour to hour and a half long demonstration of how to draw using nothing but photoshop. From initial roughs, layout out a page, penciling, inking, flatting, and fully rendering an image. Leave your scanners behind, where we're going, we don't need scanners.
Early-Bird Stitch-n-Bitch

Bring your knit, crochet, sewing or other crafty-type project and work on it in a semi-social setting with other crafty folks at an ungodly-early hour. Caffeine consumption is encouraged, but (like your project) you'll have to bring your own. All skill levels welcome.
Enabler Meet N Greet Event Begins (Invite Only, Special Location)

Become an Enabler of Intervention and get invited to a special Guest Meet and Greet event. We'll bring the pastries, you bring your questions and small talk.
Everything you wanted to know about tabling at a convention

Tips, tricks and general conversations about having your own art or sales table at a convention - how to go about it, what you should be aware of, how to be successful at it.
Expect the Unexpected: Strange Tales From the Webcomic Universe

Once you place your work online, and get a certain level of success and traffic, you can expect that you're going to have a few "interesting" situations or encounters along the way. Our panelists will recite events or situations that they've encountered that are funny, horrifying, soul touching, or purely WTF in scope.
Experimentation in Artistic Creation

A maze? A comic? A painting? A rock opera? A toy? A sculpture? A performance? Join our diverse selection of artists as they discuss experimental art that doesn't quite conform to everyone's expecations.
Filmmaking 101

Join us for an introductory discussion on the tools and methods used today to produce film.
For the Love of Cartoons

A fan-based discussion of cartoons and the adult fanbase. What are the stigmas cartoon fans deal with when they say they like the original Ninja Turtles cartoon or Phineas and Ferb or even My Little Pony (gasp). Also discussing the high quality adult-focused cartoons like The Venture Brothers and Futurama.
Go For It! Taking The Leap To Full-Time Artist/Creator

Many Intervention guests have cut the cord from their day jobs and gone on to develop successful businesses as writers, webcomic artists, musicians, and more. Join these panelists in a free-for-all Q&A discussion and ask everything you've ever wanted to know about quitting your job and going pro.
History and Business of Comics

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the history of comics, both as a medium, and as a business.
How to Get Started in the Anime Industry (Subtitle Track)

Love anime and games? Want to help bring them to the West, but maybe dubs aren't your thing? Learn what it takes to help localize anime, video games, and visual novels! Kara Dennison has served as lead editor for titles like 'Mazinger Z,' 'Higurashi When They Cry,' 'Devilman,' and the 'fault' series. At this panel, she'll teach you what major companies are looking for, what skills you'll need to help translate and release your favorite shows, and what life is like on the American side of the anime industry.
How to speak in public

Do you want to be up at the front of the room speaking on a panel? Do you want to be more successful selling your stuff and talking with people about your work? Get advice on how to speak in public from the pros who have been doing it for years.
Inspiring and fostering artistic interests in children

Art and artistic interests provide a wide range of benefits for our intellectual growth--as a parent how do you best go about inspriing your children to take up artistic pursuits? Our panelists will try to help give tips to inspire your children and keep them on the creative path.
Intervention "Inprov" Comedy Group

For a 6th year in a row the Intervention Inprov comedy players gather together to entertain you with the jokes they made up 10 seconds ago. The panelist will play a number of improv games and solicit interaction from the audience to make a fun and dynamic show. Come and see your favorite creators make a fool of themselves.
Introduction to Game Mastering for RPGs

You can’t have a roleplaying game without a Game Master! But many people are frightened of stepping up to run games — it’s a lot of pressure! This panel is designed to help players become GMs, and new GMs to become better and more confident in the role.

Topics of discussion would include controlling the game, working with pre-made modules, creating original stories and dungeons, pacing, designing fun and effective (and dangerous!) encounters, and knowing when to follow the rules — and when to make the call to ignore them.
Intro To Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Tabletop Roleplaying Games — lots of people have heard of them, but what are they, exactly? And how do you get involved? Why are the books so thick? And what’s with those crazy dice?!?!

This panel is for all the people who’ve heard of Tabletop Roleplaying Games (RPGs) and are interested in trying them out — but have no idea where to start. We’ll demystify a gaming world that’s been around for 40 years, but still sometimes scares people away. The panel will answer the most basic questions, starting with “What IS roleplaying, anyway?” It’ll explore how to start a game with friends, the tools you’ll need, the different types of games that are out there (it’s not just D&D!), and even some online options to help play remotely. There’ll also be some tips and tricks to make those first gaming sessions as fun as possible.
It's All About the Villain

He might be the guy you love to hate, but without a good villain, your hero wouldn't have anything to do but sit on the couch and drink beer. Panelists: What makes a compelling villain? How do you get inside his or her head? Is it ever more fun to write from the villain's POV than the hero's? Audience: Who are your favorite villains and why? Everyone: Bring your best evil laugh!
Juggling Geek Life and Parenting

Keeping up with the latest nerdly trends can be tricky at the best of times, but finding time to keep up while raising kids? Well, that's a tribble of a different color. Come hang out with our panelists as they discuss their methods of trying to balance their geek life with the challenges of work and parenting.
Keeping Your Stuff Safe: strategies for backing up and preserving your digital life.

Think about everything digital that touches your life. Your blog posts and social networking statuses. Digital photographs and artwork. Text messages on your cell phone. All of these things can grow in importance over time, in ways that might not be envisioned or considered in the here and now. Almost everyone with information stored digitally will face at least one major, significant loss of their important data at least once in their lives. And recent high-profile cloud computing failures have only shown that the webcomics, blogs and other things we entrust to the cloud is still at risk. How do we make sure these things are kept safe?
Kickstart My Art

You've heard about Kickstarter, but aren't sure how to get started? Then join us as we walk you through the project creation process and give you the tips you need to create a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Kosmos - The Web-Series: from Kickstarter to Kompletion!

Terry Molloy is best known for his work in Doctor Who as the nefarious Davros, creator of the Daleks, but he has also done work for many other projects--including the new online series Kosmos ( Come hear Terry speak about all of his work, with an emphasis on his newest project.
Learn to Geeky Bellydance

Antipode teaches you how to Bellydance--the geeky way!
Managlitch City Interactive

A serialized podcast set in a techno-magical city where reality often goes on the blink, with quirky storytelling, an unusual world, and some talented guest voices.
Manga Studio 5, An Intro

Curious about Manga Studio 5 and how it can help you create comics, illustrations, and streamline your workflow? Bring your questions and get a demonstration of this amazing art software!
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire and Star Power Q&A

Michael "Mookie" Terracciano's webcomic strip Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire may be over, but questions remain--your questions! His new strip Star Power is also getting going, so there are plenty of questions both old and new to ask.
Oni Hartstein's Real Talk Marketing 1: Setting up Your Business Online

Setting up Your Business Online - This will cover the basic points that you need to hit and how you need to hit them in order to have an in-person and digital presence that works and grows.
Oni Hartstein's Real Talk Marketing 2: Generating and Dealing with the Press (Magazines//TV/Radio)

Oni Hartstein's Real Talk Marketing 2: Generating and Dealing with the Press (Magazines//TV/Radio) - The Press won't come to you. Here is how to start getting coverage and how to work with the Press so you don't tick them off. I will also cover how to speak on camera and how to handle / diffuse PR disasters and negative Press.
Oni Hartstein's Real Talk Marketing 3: Working your ecosystem

Once you are set up online, you'll have to put some work into it each week in order to grow. If you don't know how to market your work or have plateaued, this is going to be a game-changer for you.
Pitching a Project: It's all about THEM!

How to take a project from elevator pitch to pitching to a publisher. Remember, kids -- it's all about THEM!
Playing Doctor Podcast Live!

We are Playing Doctor. Each week our podcast presents an uncensored* discussion of a Doctor Who episode, starting with the 2005 series' introduction of the 9th Doctor. Once in a while we'll cross the time streams and visit a Classic Doctor Who episode, eventually reviewing every episode EVER. This will be a live Podcast recording.
Podcasting: The Business of Talking Online

Podcasting is about getting your words out to the world. So, how do you do that? And can you make money doing it? Our panelists will talk about the business elements of podcasting and what you should know to succeed.
Real Talk on Video and Movie Production

Get the real info on how to get started in video and movie production. Equipment, techniques, and business knowledge of getting things done.
Real Talk: Oni's Marketing Secrets

Communicating effectively on your site, press kits, outreach, and working with influencers is how you break out of being reliant solely on other entities - like cons - for your revenue and career. If you've been doing the con circuit and reached a plateau or you are just starting out and working on your 5 year plan this is for you.
Real World vs. Geek World: Balancing Your Commitments

Whether you run a webcomic, a blog, a podcast, or an MMO guild, there's a good chance you're not one of those who can (yet) make a living on your geekery. Is it possible to do both at the same time? How do you manage your own creativity as opposed to getting your real-world job done? And which one do you tell people is your job when they ask what you do for a living? Hear what the web's multitaskers have to say about how and why they do it.
Sailor Moon Bellydance performance with Antipode

Antipode fights to save the Earth as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. A Geeky Belldance Performance.
Sh!t Gets Real: A conversation with frustrated artists

(PG-13) A bunch of artists sit around and complain for an hour. Cursing will be tallied and encouraged.
Should I Care About Social Media?

Can you be a successful indie artist without being heavily involved with social media? If not you, who else will do it for you? If you aren't sure what you should do, or how to do it, come learn the basics of how to get started getting the word out about your work.
Sluggy Freelance: The Panel

Pete Abram's comic "Sluggy Freelance" is one of the longest running online comics--so there are plenty of questions you can ask about it...except what the name Sluggy Freelance refers to--don''t ask about that.
So, How'd We Do?

This panel is the last panel of the con. Come give Harknell, Oni, and the rest of the Intervention team your feedback on the event. We encourage you to make suggestions for next year as well.
Songwriting 101

Learn the basics of songwriting and recording from creators who have written hundreds of songs!
Staying Motivated

How to stay motivated to create while dealing with all the challenges that your career and life can throw at you.
Steering Through the Archie Multiverse and The Indie Comics Scene.

Harold Buchholz is the Senior Vice President of Publishing and Operations at Archie Comics. Join him as he discusses his personal experiences working within the comics industry as well as his own personal indie work.
Story Arcs

What is a Story Arc? How are they created? How are they maintained? How do you keep your audience involved in the Story Arc? When are good times to create and employ Story Arcs? Where are good places to apply Story Arcs? Come join your host as this important constructions of fiction are discussed along with much more on this subject. Bring your questions, comments, and answers.
Stuff on Stuff: Merchandising Your Artwork on T-Shirts and More

How do you go about getting your items printed on stuff? What do you need to know about formats, costs, and contracts? And how can you make money off the result? Come get tips on the start to finish process of merchandising your work.
Superheroes and Popular Culture

Dr. Arnold Blumberg is a world renowned professor of pop culture. His class "Media Genres: Media Marvels" examined Marvel Comics and the Marvel Studios series of films. Dr. Blumberg will outline the importance of the comics and films and how these pop culture elements inform our ideas of heroism, responsibility, and morality.
The Time For Indie Film Is Now!

Do you want to make a film? Do it now! The time has never been better for to get involved with film production. It won't be easy of course, but our panelists will give you some info on how you can get started in a professional (and hopefully) profitable way.
TREKOFF LIVE: A foulmouthed Star Trek Comedy Podcast

(18+) TREKOFF is a NSFW Trek related Comedy podcast which has been recording for many years (subscribe on iTunes or go to, has over 80 episodes and has very recently joined the TREKRADIO family. Featuring Filmmaker Justin Timpane (Ninjas Vs) and actress Alexia Poe, this naughty, raucous TREK podcast has been performing live all over the DMV since their debut at INTERVENTION.
Unique Geek Chic

Are you interested in learning more about how to integrate your geeky side with your everyday style and end up with something that looks chic? Come get tips on how to dress and dress up your life that doesnÕt compromise your uniquely geeky outlook while still looking great.
We Are The Intervention and (Re)Generation

Come talk to Onezumi and Harknell, founders and Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and (Re)Generation Who, about the event, their comic work, their theme park and haunted attraction adventures, or any other Stupid and Insane stuff you can think of. They are (almost) guaranteed to stay in one place during the duration of this panel.
Webcomics 101: Creativity, Art, and Writing

You're looking at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper and you just keep looking! Let our panelists help you figure out how to get started, how to keep going and how now to paint yourself into an artistic corner. Let's talk formatting and how to best communicate your vision to your artist. And, if you're an artist, how can you take advantage of the written word to make your story better.
Website Setup 101

This panel will walk you through the various option for hosting your comic or art online as well as the various different options and platforms available for web content.
Where Do You Get Your Awesome Ideas From?

A discussion of where ideas come from... how to be funny when maybe you aren't feeling funny, or coming up with new ideas for creative projects.
WORKSHOP: DIY Robot Army: Physical Computing and Creative Interaction

A quick, 10 minute demo of cool projects you can do with open source code and/or hardware, and a 1-2 hour step by step of making a nifty little sketch in Processing. See a Weeping Angel (originally created for (Re)Generation Who) that can move and tweet photos of it's "victims" when they aren't looking, and other things with shiny lights and responsive controls!
WORKSHOP: Everyone Needs Help Sometimes: Webcomic and Art Portfolio Reviews

You have an idea for a comic, or want to get some feedback on your work. This is the place for you. During this open workshop our artists will gladly chime in and give feedback on your work or ideas and give you tips to get going to the next level.
WORKSHOP: Roots to Radio Part 1 - The Audio Adventure

Terry Molloy teaches a master class on voice acting, it's roots, and it's application.
WORKSHOP: Roots to Radio Part 2 - The Audio Adventure

Terry Molloy teaches a master class on voice acting, it's roots, and it's application.
WORKSHOP: Roots to Radio Part 3 - The Audio Adventure

Terry Molloy teaches a master class on voice acting, it's roots, and it's application.
WORKSHOP: Tailoring Men's T-shirts for Women: A Demonstration

Geekdom has failed most women as far as T-shirts go. The women's cuts run very small and tight, and half of the cool designs don't even COME in women's sizes! Well, now there's hope. Monica Marier will do a practical demonstration on how to modify a boxy oversized men's T-shirt into a more fitted style using only a crochet hook, scissors, a ruler, and minimal sewing.
No sewing machine! No dress forms! Minimal fuss!
WORKSHOP: The ABC's of Creating a Web Series / Shotgun Mythos

The creator of Shotgun Mythos presents a workshop on the ins and outs of creating a Web Series. We'll open with the first couple of episodes of Shotgun Mythos so you can see a finished product, then move right into the workshop presentation. After the workshop, you're invited to stay for a special screening of the movie of the second season of Shotgun Mythos (Movie rating: R). Clint will stick around for the movie.

This workshop is your opportunity to talk to other authors to help refine your written work. Get feedback or just bounce ideas off our authors to help you get to the next step in your work.
World Building 101

A pivotal part to any great story is the world in which it takes place in, be it the past, present, future, or even an alternate universe! If you are new to story creation, or are just looking to get a different perspective, stop on by as we discuss the basics of creating and presenting a new, fascinating setting for your comic or game.
Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters

When writing an adventure or a story, having characters that the readers can get into is half the battle. If the readers or players become intrigued by the characters, then the rest of the story will fall into place. Join our panelists as they discuss creating vibrant and dynamic characters that will grip your audience.
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