Intervention Panel Video: The Parent Trap

The Next Intervention 2010 Panel Video is “The Parent Trap: How to Keep a Comic Going as a Parent”

Description: Life-changing events can be a major make-or-break moment for webcomics. Losing a day job can be great motivation to focus on the business side of the comic full time, but what are the effects of dealing with children to the creative process?

Panelists: Darren J. Gendron, Ben McCormick (father of 5), Barb Fischer, Chris Flick (father of a teenage daughter and a 10-year old autistic son)


Intervention Panel Video: Copyright For Artists

The next Intervention 2010 Panel video is for the panel “Copyrights for Artists”.

Description: It is amazing how many people fail to understand basic copyright law when it is a technical but critical element to their work and livelihood. Here, our panelists will lay down the basics as they are written in US law, and clear up some common misconceptions: being registered to be protected, protecting ideas vs. works, the poor-man’s copyrights, the difference between plagiarism and parody, and much, much more.

Panelists: Garth Graham, Elaine Corvidae, Ben Kahan


Intervention Panel Video: Beyond The Veil

The next Intervention 2010 panel video is for: Beyond the Veil: A Finder’s Keepers Q&A

Description: Here is your opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask the creator about the bizarre and rich world of Finder’s Keepers.
Warning: this panel may contain spoilers.

Panelists: Garth Graham


Intervention Panel Video: How To Make A Webcomic

Here’s another of our panel videos from the Intervention 2010 event: “How to Make a Webcomic”

Description: How do I make a webcomic? Our panelists will tell you how they did it, what challenges they faced, and answer your questions to get you started.

Panelists: John Lotshaw, Ben McCormick, Erin Fitzgerald, Chezhnian Angelus, Ryan Thompson


Intervention Panel Video: Young Punks Kicking It!

Our next Intervention 2010 panel video is for the panel: Young Punks Kicking It: The New Kids on the Block.

Description: This panel is comprised of webcomic artists and creators who’ve been doing their work online for less than 2 years. They’ll kick and scream about how things are harder now, and they’re misunderstood and being repressed by “the man”. They’ll also provide the real deal and give their take on what you need to do now to get going in the Web 2.0 and social networking age.

Panelists: Travis Surber, Tovias, Christann MacAuley, Allison Sarnoff

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