Intervention 2011 Panel Video: Telling the Microserialized Story

Our next panel video from Intervention 2011 is: Telling the Microserialized Story

Description: Webcomics and flash fiction/microfiction often involve stringing out one long story over dozens or hundreds of updates, with gaps of days in between. Not every page of a graphic novel can pack a punch to tide the reader over. Or can it? Should it? And what happens to surprise when fans have days to speculate about the upcoming plot? How does it affect a writer’s approach when the story must be told in such tiny increments?

Panelist: Pete Abrams, Elaine Corvidae, Eric Menge


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: Sluggy Freelance and the Dimension of Nuts

Our next panel video from Intervention 2011 is: Sluggy Freelance and the Dimension of Nuts

Description: After over fourteen years of daily webcomic content, people must wonder just how crazy Pete Abrams actually is. You can ask Pete questions, and watch him skillfully (?) dodge the point. Pete is notorious for drawing and sketching his way through panels, but at this one, he’ll have to actually say something!

Panelist: Pete Abrams


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: Getting Paid To Blog

We’ve posted a new panel video from Intervention 2011: Getting Paid To Blog.

Description: Who wouldn’t want to get paid for their thoughts? Come listen to and ask questions of our panelists who have made that into their reality.

Panelists: Carrie Gouldin, Matt Blum, Becky Harks, Dave Chalker, Sara Mitchell


A review of Intervention all the way from Germany

Click here to read the review of our con!


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: The Skin Horse Panel

We are continuing on our posting of Intervention 2011 panel content with: The Skin Horse Panel

Description: Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells of the webcomic Skin Horse talk about their work and where they are going from here.

Panelists: Shaenon Garrity, Jeffrey Wells

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