Full Length Album By 2012 Guest The Tombstone Teeth Now Available For Free

One of the exciting things that happened at Intervention 2012 was the recording of a full length album of songs done exclusively at the event. One of our musical guests The Tombstone Teeth set up shop in one of our rooms and recorded their album “The Forbidden Mansion of Doctor Salamander” (available for free download at the link) with participation by co-con chairs Onezumi and Harknell, as well as others at the event.

This is the type of spontaneous collaboration and artistic output that we hope to foster at our event, and is just one example of the type of things you can expect to see and participate in at Intervention.


We raised more than double the amount we did last year for the EFF Charity auction

In 2010 we raised approximately $300 for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In 2011 we raised $500. This year (our 3rd year of operation) we raised over $1100. As with all things involved with Intervention, it seems that every year we manage to do bigger and brighter things.

The reason for that is because of your support and your attending the event. There is no man behind the curtain. Intervention is a true indie/DIY event by the community for the community. The only magic is you. Those of you who don’t know me personally may not know how absolutely nuts I and my staff are when it comes to ethics and doing the best that we can for people. Just watch our trajectory.

Nice to meet you. Now you know.

You are a part of something that is both unique and a heck of a great time.

Thank you for supporting this so that we can do that. Full speed ahead! <3


Thank you!

Hi guys!

Back in 2010 when Harknell and I started this convention, many people said we were crazy. They were probably correct. The amount of work, dedication, and sacrifice required to get a new event off the ground without a big corporate backer is extreme.

The challenges we faced in the beginning – my god. There were times that it seemed like an impossible struggle. The older I get, the more I realize that “impossible” often becomes irrelevant when you are as committed to something as we are. 4 days of 19 hour shifts every day this past weekend? No worries, I got that.

Maybe I “got that” too much since Ops Manager Paul wrote this on my badge after I almost fell over mid eye-blink:

Intervention grew it’s attendance base in 2011 and now we’ve grown a bit more in 2012.

The core mission of being there for adults and families is what keeps us strong. You are watching the future. This is the indie art space of the future.

Great Cthulhu onesie!

Layla is just over 1 month old and came dressed in her Owly best for the occasion!

We know this is the right thing to do. No where else can you experience an event like Intervention. On one hand you have a supportive atmosphere where you can get low cost education from the pros.

Our panels are unmatched by anyone else. That is a fact in my view.

Then there is the art and crafts that you will not see anywhere else.

Doctor Hoot by Kelsey Wailles:

There is geekery, video gaming, and arcade gaming.

Then you have the part where anything goes:

We are like a 3 day retreat for creative miscreants and geeks of all types.

You are the reason we could do this. Your donations, support, volunteering, and your advertising us to your friends. We made this con for you. You made this con for us.

We come together to learn, show off our cool stuff, make connections, and to work on new projects. The end result? People leave us inspired and come back the next year to show us the cool stuff they did in that year.

This is the future. It’s awesome, and we are already working on 2013. I hope you will join us again on August 23-25, 2013 at the Hilton Rockville, MD.

More pictures available on the Facebook page until we get them all processed.

Fan photos so far:

By gregoriusu

By Mellissa Braus

If you have photos you have taken, feel free to post them in the comments!


Guest Spotlight: Christiann MacAuley

Intervention guest Christiann MacAuley is the creator of stickycomics.com and also a former zinester. Unlike many modern artists, she produces her work by hand as opposed to using Photoshop or other online tools. We chatted with her about her various projects and the transition from zinester to online personality.

Christiann MacAuley (right) poses with her twin sister Sheridan, who is responsible for tshirts and other stickycomics merchandise.

Can you describe your comic?

“It’s a humor webcomic that is usually one panel or very few panels long. There’s no storyline; it’s just a lot of random things. I try to update once a week or a few times a week and have been doing it for four years.”

What freedoms do you have by using paper and ink that others who use computers may not have?

“Mine has more of a human look to it, I think. There’s no perfectly straight lines or perfect circles or anything like that, and if there is, it’s something that I created. The hand lettering also makes a big difference. Plus you can always see the color of the paper I use.”

Have you noticed any crossover from the zine and webcomic/geek communities?

I thought there would be a lot of crossover, since I think that both groups have a lot of similarities, but there really hasn’t been. I actually never set out to do webcomics. Some people have done just that, but not me. I just wanted to express myself and create my work and started putting it on a blog to organize it, really.”

What advantages/disadvantages have you seen between zine and webcomic creation?

“With zines, it’s hard to get it out there to huge numbers of people. A lot of people don’t even know what a zine is. Online, I just think that there are so many more people who can see my stuff.

I still think it’s important to have a physical version, though, like a book. It’s just because it is something you have physically created, something you’ve personally made.”

While her work has yet to be published offline, Christiann is currently writing a proposal for a humor book which she hopes to release through traditional publishing.

In addition to Intervention, she has appeared at SPX (Small press Expo), SPACE (Small Press And Comic Exhibition), and Connecticon.

“I feel it’s important to have an offline presence,” Christtiann explained. “It makes you feel like you’re part of a community. I like meeting people and learning different techniques.”



Improv Yourself

How many conventions do you go to that allow your voice to be featured on an album?

Guess what? You’re at one!

From 2PM-4PM today, Tombstone Teeth will be recording its new album right in Intervention’s own Art & Music Studio. The members encourage anyone at all to stop by and do interpretive readings of the lyrics. You WILL be featured on the album!

Of course, if you wish to stop by and simply watch the lyrics and acoustics being performed, you’re more than welcome to do that as well.

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