Movie: Con Drama

Often, the most memorable stories that unfold at conventions do not do so on the convention floor. Instead, memories, be they good, bad, or just plain strange, play out within the linen-scented, heavily-wallpapered walls of our hotel rooms.

The folks at vidgle.tv have realized this phenomenon. It is now a movie.

“Con Drama” stars Vidgle personalities Anthony Zaragoza, Jeff Delisle, Megan Halvorsen, Candice Morreale, and Matt Schwam. Separated into several chapters, the comedy flick (don’t let its title fool you) follows a group of friends sharing a hotel room at the fictional Derpycon 2012. Situations ranging from bed sharing to that one friend who brings every electronic he owns despite supposedly being there to socialize are presented.

Veteran congoers, n00bs, and even those who have never been to a single con will certainly find “Con Drama” to be an exercise in insightful comedy. The Vidgle crew are regular convention attendees and have documented their experiences through interviews and the web series “Con Goer.”

Intervention is the first convention to show the movie in its entirety. If you missed the Friday evening screening, you are not out of luck! The movie will screen at 5PM on Saturday and 9AM on Sunday in the Videos room. Additionally, DVD copies are available for sale at the group’s table in the Dealers’ Room for $15.



Join Us at the Dances!

Intervention will have a variety of events and features. The vendors’ area, artists’ alley, and panels are of course obvious programming examples.

We will also have dancing.

Whether your dancing resembles the second coming of John Travolta or a broken marionette puppet, you are still more than welcome to attend the dances. Your admission to the con ensures entry.

If you are 21+ (and IDs WILL be checked), both dances will feature a cash bar. Under Montgomery County, Maryland law, last call is at 1:30. If you choose not to go to the dance but still wish to relax with a cocktail, the hotel’s lobby bar is open until midnight each day.


The DeLorean is Here!

The silver vehicle that piloted Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to and from 1950s Los Angeles, the Wild West, and other locales has emerged at Intervention!

Owned by Joey (Falcon Volt), the 1982 DeLorean will be parked outside of the hotel’s front entrance during con hours. It comes complete with “88 MPH” license plates and even a flux capacitor. While the car you will see was itself not used in the actual movie trilogy, it was featured in a video produced by That Guy With the Glasses.

You are more than welcome to take photos of, with, or inside the car, free of charge. It’s asked that you try not to touch the stainless steel panels. Hopping inside and taking off at a high rate of speed down Rockville Pike is not permitted at all.

Definitely come by to see the car while we still have a need for roads.


Intervention is on Guidebook

Intervention information and schedules are now online!

In addition to the convention’s awesome guidebook and paper schedules, you can also access Intervention on Guidebook. The app itself is a free download and is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry devices.

Guidebook will allow you to custom-create your own schedule for the weekend and even sets reminders for you. Additionally, you can be notified of any last-minute updates to the schedule, such as room changes or guest additions.



Intervention is on Foursquare

Greetings, attendees!

If you are on Foursquare, make sure you check into the con! Since Intervention 2012 is a BRAND NEW venue, you’ll get a slew of bonus points when you check in!

It’s simple: look for the Hilton hotel’s listing on your check-in list; you will see it slated with one show. That show is none other than our own convention. Be sure to select it before checking in and you will be officially counted among our Foursquare attendees!

We promise not to Foursquare stalk you.

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