Programming Descriptions Are Now Live!


The first draft of our programming descriptions is now live! You can take a look at it here and see what’s coming to this year’s event! Bear in mind that this is only a first draft; more events are still being added, so this will change over the coming days.

We’re also still taking programming suggestions! So if there’s something you’d like to see or a panel or workshop you’d like to host, hop over to our Programming Suggestions form and let us know!


Video Gaming at Intervention 5 – Confident Gamers

Video Gaming (and board gaming) are huge at Intervention every year. Confident Gamers came to cover the Video Gaming aspect.

Check out their blog post here!


Families celebrate 5 years at Intervention – get ready to Intervene and Inspire for another 50+!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful weekend. I am writing up a thank you post with pictures but I wanted to share with you a very special message that I just received.

When my husband and I started Intervention in 2010, we made a commitment to support families of all types. We stepped forward with our personal money and we are honored and grateful that you all stepped forward as well. We are a true labor of love and our impact reverberates far beyond the 1 weekend that we come together.

Webcomic artist Monica Marier just summed up exactly why we work so hard for everyone beneath our roof:

“Something amazing happened today. I brought my daughter to Intervention today and she made an LIFE-CHANGING discovery.

Since she started school, this kid had been told that she was weird, and wrong, and an outcast because she was a girl who liked things like skeletons, and steampunk, and Dr. Who, instead of American Girl Dolls and Horses.

Today she saw and met a ton of women and girls who liked all those “geek” things that she liked and that they were proud of it. And sherealized:

She was a part of something. And she was among people who thought that she was wonderful. IT’S SO GREAT that her first great con adventure was in such a safe, warm, friendly convention like Intervention and it was everything I hoped it would be and MORE. She’s already bouncing up and down in anticipation of ReGeneration Who.

THANKS SO MUCH, to Oni Hartstein, James Harknell , Pete Abrams and all the staff and artists that made this a truly fantastic weekend.

You guys put this smile here.”

Check out Monica’s work over at Tangent Artists.


Final Pre-reg Discount Weekend, Price Increase on August 11th

We are heading into the final weekend of our pre-registration discount. Currently you can pre-register for the full 3 days of the event for just $45. After August 10th it will increase in cost to our at-door rate of $50.

Another note: this weekend is the last weekend to get some of our Enabler perks as well. After August 10th you will no longer be eligible to receive your Enabler badge by mail (we ship them out next week), and we will shut down production of our Enabler level 2 and above 3d printed badges:

So, if you’d like either of the above perks you’ll want to register with them by the end of this weekend, or add them onto your existing registration.


Record number of registrations and donations – thank you!

The registration price went up last night to $45.

Thank you to everyone who registered and donated yesterday. It was a record number of people when compared with our past metrics. It’s because of your ongoing support that we can make this happen. Thank you so much! You have until August 10th to get the $45 ate and then it goes up to the at-door price.

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