Sept 1 at midnight = last chance to get con t-shirts

Sept 1 (tomorrow) at midnight is the LAST CHANCE to order your regular and VIP con T-Shirts for Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media, designed by Oni Hartstein. Which is me. 3rd person me.

Not only are these the first things that I designed after the doctors restored my vision, but they are some of the best designs we’ve ever had and your purchase helps us make the con more awesome.

If you already registered (or are staff) you can upgrade by simply registering but only ordering a shirt. If you need help, just email contact@interventioncon.com



Thank you everyoen who has bought VIP levels and registered so far. We couldn’t do this without you and you mean so much to us. :)


SPONSOR: ThinkGeek contest is afoot!

Thanks to our sponsor, ThinkGeek, all pre-registered attendees will be entered in a contest to win a Think Geek prize pack. If you have already registered you are already entered. If you have not, you have until September 8th at midnight to pre-register and enter the contest.


If you win, your prize pack of TG goodies will be waiting for you when you arrive to pick up! Pre-Register now!


Creator Space expanding + Art Exchange!



Two points about this year’s brand new Creator Space, enabling people to occupy a half-table space free of charge to display, sell, or create.

First off, we’ve filled up the initial wait list for the Creator Space on Friday. But we’ve added more space, so head over to the Creator Space form to reserve your spot! Remember that Saturday and Sunday lists will be open on-site at the con.

Also, new this year is our Art Exchange — an art supply swap area. The convention will be donating some supplies, and others have already volunteered (Oni will be bringing some nice stuff!). If you bring some art supplies for the table, you can trade them out for something already there.

For more information, head over to the Creator Space page.


HELP WANTED: Green Room / Staff Suite

EDIT: All positions have been filled. If you think you have a specific skillset that is important for an event you can still apply because we always need people who have targeted skills in various areas, but for the moment we are fully staffed. :)

Hi guys – Oni here. :)

HELP WANTED: Oh, how we’ve grown! I need some additional folks to help me out in Green Room and Staff Suite for Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media on Sept. 16-18 in Rockville, MD. Here are the details:


– Must grok food safety/sanitation/handwashing/hygiene as if it were your religion.

– Green Room staff must be able to remain polite and professional in front of celebrities.

– Primary tasks are serving food to staff and guests, cleaning, running lunch boxes to staff who can’t leave their posts. It’s basically a 3 day long dinner party where your favorite actors show up.

– We need some folks to be on site Thurs, Sept. 15 before noon to cover setup and guest arrivals. If you can be here Thursday 9/15 through Sunday 9/18 you’ll be the best candidate.

– We also have some slots for folks starting Friday, Sept 16th for Breakfast. If you can staff Friday 9/16 through Sunday 9/18 you could also be a great candidate.

– All positions are volunteer positions (including mine). Click here to read about it and the Staff Perks.

If you think you have what it takes to throw an awesome weekend-long food party for your favorite actors and the staff who makes the con run, please apply and speak a little bit about your experience / why you think you are a good fit via this form: http://onezumievents.com/staff/staffing-application/


Daily tickets now available!

DAILY TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: Intervention (interventioncon.com), taking place September 16-18th in Rockville, MD, has just opened the sale of Daily Registrations.

The costs are:

Full Weekend: $60 Pre-reg ($65 at door)
Friday Only: $30 Pre-reg ($35 at door)
Saturday Only: $40 Pre-reg ($45 at door)
Sunday Only: $35 Pre-reg ($40 at door)


If you didn’t hear, we’ve signed Arthur Darvill (“Rory Williams” from Doctor Who, “Rip Hunter” from Legends of Tomorrow) to be a guest of the event on September 17th and 18th 2016. He will be joining our other guests Rene Auberjonois (“Odo” from Star Trek: DS9); Gigi Edgley (“Chiana” from Farscape); Juliet Landau (Romana[4] from Big Finish, “Drusilla” from Angel/Buffy); Dwight Schultz (“Lt. Barclay” from Star Trek: Next Generation), and many others. Musician/Professor Thomas Dolby will be making a rare speaking appearance on Friday September 16th.

View the full guest list here.

Get your tickets here.

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