Video spotlight: Pete Abrams

Our Intervention vlogger Jennifer Logue spoke with the always-awesome Pete Abrams about Sluggy Freelance, his panels, and why he loves coming back to Intervention every year.


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Thanks to Stephen Baker for making this video!

Thanks to Nicole Dieker for sharing her experience with us. Check out her music here: http://www.hello-the-future.net/

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Intervention 2011 Panel Video: When Sh!t Gets Real, A Conversation With Frustrated Webcomic Artists

Our next Intervention 2011 Panel video is for the panel: Sh!t Gets Real: A conversation with frustrated webcomic artists

Description::(PG-13 for language) A bunch of webcomic regulars sit around and complain for an hour. Cursing will be tallied and encouraged.

Panelists:Jamie Noguchi, Steve Napierski, Darren J. Gendron


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: Back In My Day: The Webcomic Veterans Panel

Our next Intervention 2011 panel video is “Back In My Day: The Webcomic Veterans Panel”.

Description: This panel is comprised of webcomic artists and creators who’ve been doing their work (of some sort, not necessarily just one comic) for at least seven years or more. They will grouse about the “good old days” and tell you youngsters to get off their yard. They might also tell you something that might “learn you” something.

Panelists: Christopher Baldwin, Shaenon Garrity, Jennie Breeden, Bill Holbrook


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: Why Does Mommy Want Vodka? A Panel with Beck Harks

Our next panel video from the Intervention 2011 event is called Why Does Mommy Want Vodka? A Panel with Beck Harks.

Description: Come meet Becky Harks, otherwise known as “Aunt Becky” of MommyWantsVodka.com. She’ll answer your questions, talk about how and why she started her blog, and share some blogging tips.

Panelist: Becky Harks

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