Intervention 2013 Thank You: The Twisted World

Intervention 2013 wanted to send a thank you out there to our friends at The Twisted World for coming through and helping us out this year. By lending us some important equipment and items they’ve made it much easier for us to run the con this year.

What they are:

Welcome to The Twisted World, a yearly multi-genre 18+ festival that spans 3 days of avante garde performances, bands, writers, artists, vendors, costuming, and more.

They are scheduled for March 28-30th 2014 in Valley Forge, PA.


Why Become An Intervention Enabler?

What do you get if you register as an Intervention Enabler? Well, that depends on what level you buy. For just a small extra amount ($15) the intro level gets you wifi access to our own network that we set up in the event space as well as entrance to our special exclusive Saturday night “Enabler Meet and Greet Party” that allows you to mingle with Intervention Staff and Guests in an informal atmosphere while eating some specialty pastries, drinks, and food. (and where else could you go to chat with Mark Frauenfelder, Pete Abrams, Shaenon Garrity, Raul Aguirre Jr., Paul Sabourin, or any of our other guests like this?)

After that level you can get an exclusive Enabler only poster, Special limited edition Enabler T-shirt, 2013 limited edition Enabler Owl plush doll, or even crazier stuff. (and yes, we have already sold an Enabler level 7!)

Your support helps us pay for this whole shindig, and allows us to make the event even bigger and better every year. Why not help us out and get some fun stuff for yourself as well? If you’ve already bought a registration you can add on an Enabler level, or simply add it in as an option when you register.


Thanking our Enablers for 2012

Every year we are amazed by the response to our Enabler program. So far this year we are on track to have 33% of our Pre-reg purchasers elect to add on an Enabler level. The following people bought levels 3 or above, and really helped support us this year:


Chad Post went way into Enabler, and bought a level 7 this year (yeah, $1,000 and lifetime registration), which totally blew us away.

We also wanted to point out a special duo in our Enabler ranks, The History Twins, a father/daughter webcomic team that are working hard to help support the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation with their work. This is why we started Intervention, to be a part of the community and provide a place where people can come together to make these types of projects happen.

For all of us on the Intervention 2012 team, we want to thank everyone who Enabled Intervention this year, as well as everyone who bought a pre-registration, and those who will be coming to the event next week–we do it all for you guys, thank you.


Sponsor Spotlight: Warner Archives

One of the elements we were happy to add to our programming this year was the addition of a major focus on online and indie video. As you can expect, adding new programming areas has a cost, and it’s usually not low. This is why we were very happy when Warner Archives decided to work with us on this area and provide a sponsorship to allow us to bring a number of key people and videos to the event this year.

In addition, they’ve given us some prizes to give away to our attendees, with the big thing being two 5 movie packs to give away from their collection. Warner Archives really gets the internet, and their use of social media on their site to both inform and connect with the online community is key. Their selection of quirky, indie, and classic movies demands a look from anyone who loves great film. So check them out, though your wallet might hate you later :)


Sponsor Spotlight: Plaza Art

Intervention 2012 is very happy to work with Plaza Art this year to bring an at-con presence for professional art supplies of all types. They are a full service art supply store located in Rockville Maryland (in fact very near the event hotel) and are exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly.

To best stock their table, Plaza Art would love to get some feedback from our attendees–so if you have time please fill out the survey below to help them determine the best combination of items to have at their table for sale.

Also, please feel free to comment on this post with other suggestions for them to bring, or other feedback.

What Type of Art Supplies Do You Most want Available For Purchase At Intervention 2012?

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