Discount for Dreamation in NJ for Intervention attendees

We’ve got a discount for those of you who want to attend Dreamation in Morristown, NJ this Feb 23-26!

Intervention2012DR will get you $5 off full memberships. If you need more information or want to coordinate a group of 5+ badges email: avonelle at dexposure.com

This offer is for pre-registration only.

Pre-registration is $50.00 for the entire convention.


PopChips contributes to Intervention; hungry attendees are overjoyed!

Thank you to Popchips for their generous contribution of 20 cases of PopChips. We will be giving PopChips out as long as supplies last this weekend.

I contacted PopChips because I am a health nut and they were already my favorite snack. I buy them every week when I go shopping. They taste just as good at potato chips, but don’t have many calories or bad things in them. If you’ve never tried them before, you will get your chance this weekend! My favorites are BBQ and Original Potato.


Sneak Peek Part 3 – Free Lynda.com Trial Memberships for Intervention supporters

Thanks to Lynda.com we will be giving away at Intervention:

– 1 year Premium Gift Memberships
– 1 Month Gift Subscriptions

These are limited. We are currently designing a contest that will be fair and targeted toward artists that will use the subscriptions. Most likely this will be an at-con lottery.

If you haven’t followed our @interventioncon Twitter, you should do so now. We will be Tweeting about the contests during the weekend.

For everyone, Lynda.com has been kind enough to give us Free 7 Day Trials. Click here to get more information about it and sign up for 7 days free.


A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Stuff We Have To Give Away At Intervention 2011

We can’t help but tempt you guys by showing off some of the awesome stuff we’ve received from ThinkGeek, one of our Major Sponsors for Intervention 2011.

First off we have the money:
Think Geek gift certificates

Those are $50 gift certificates to get some major geeky stuff from their catalog. And you know it’s impossible not to look and drool over the things they have there.

Next up are things that will keep you up for the full run of Intervention, Caffeine!:
Think Geek caffeinated candy

Yes, that’s a whole freaking box filled with a selection of their insane caffeine filled candy, drinks, snacks, and other crazy stuff. You can also see some of the “Unicorn Meat” we have to give away, and we all know how magical the experience of eating unicorn can be! All of the white boxes in the photo contain Unicorn Meat, so we have a lot of them!

A little plush toy is inside:

And now for the item that will make your dreams come true, The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag:

Think Geek Star Wars TaunTaun sleeping bag

Look at that cute face! And those adorable feet! Imagine cuddling up in that! It’s super soft and the zipper pull is a lightsaber:

And that’s not all we have to give away from them. You can check out some more details on our Contest page.

We’ll have more spotlights on other items we’ll be giving away soon. Oh, you might ask “How do I get some of this sweet swag?” Well, there are multiple ways, some are random and will take nothing more than showing up and registering (or already pre-registering). Other ways will be by wearing a costume at the event, or even showing up at specific panels (hmm, did I hear a rumor that Carrie Gouldin, ThinkGeek’s Web Community Manager would maybe have some stuff of her own to give away at some of her panels? Oops, did I say that out loud?).


GeekMom launches podcast; talks about Intervention’s children’s programming

GeekMom podcast talks about Intervention!

We are so happy to have GeekMom (AND Wired.com/GeekDad, and Corinne Simmers, our staff schoolteacher!) on hand this year to help us design Children’s Programming that will hopefully be a resource for many years to come. The complaints we received last year were almost nonexistent – it was mostly the fact that new parents wanted to be able to bring the whole family. We always listen to what our attendees want because we love what we do. I’m happy to be able to expand the con this year in another way that could have a positive influence on the next generation. :D

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