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Intervention 7 will be trying out a new way for Artists and Creators to get their work in front of the people attending the event.

What is a Creator Space?

The “Creator Space” is a set of tables located in the hallway of Intervention’s function space, with the ability for any registered person attending the event to have the ability to sign up daily to get a half-table spot for the day in the Creator Space. Intervention is all about fan creativity and collaboration, so this is a great place to congregate with other artists and collaborate on things that our attendees can watch and/or participate in.

There is no charge for this. The creator can stay for as long as they want at their table spot. When the creator decides to leave their space (for an extended time, bathroom breaks are fine), the spot goes up for grabs to the next person on the waiting list for the day.

There will be a limited number of 1/2 half table spots available. This space provides a great chance for people to get their work in front of the rest of the event with no additional cost. Stay as long or as short as it makes sense to you to do so. Show off your work on one day, or sign up on multiple days.

If you are the type of person that wants to have a dedicated spot, where you can set up a more elaborate display, and have your items locked and secured overnight, you can apply for our Exhibitor Hall instead, which gives these and other benefits.

Rules for the Creator Space:

1) There are no guarantees you will receive a spot in our Creator Space on any particular day. All sign up ups are done first come, first serve each day, with the exception of Friday, which can be done online using the form below. Our Creator Space coordinators will go down the list and call/text each applicant and assign them a space. When all spots are initially filled the remaining applicants will be called whenever a spot opens up.

2) Creator Space spots must be continually manned by the creator until they choose to vacate their spot. Bathroom breaks of short duration will be accommodated, but longer breaks will be considered a vacation of the spot. Creators can add themselves back to the list to resume a spot later in the day, if one opens up.

3) Creator Space participants receive one chair and take up 1/2 of a 6 foot table. They may not place their items outside of their half space, even if the space next to them is not currently filled. You may also not have regular attendees of Intervention behind your table without first gaining clearance from the Creator Space coordinator.

4) Creator Space participants may not engage in music, speech, or other endeavors which disrupt the general peace of the location. In other words, no shouting, blasting of music, or other disruptive actions. You also may not “poach” customers from other tables by attempting to get their attention in an aggressive manner. Let’s all play fair. Breaking of this rule will get you one warning. Further disruptions will result in removal from the Creator Space permanently.

5) At 9am on Saturday and Sunday, prospective Creator Space participants will be able to start adding their names to that day’s list. When the Creator Space opens, the Coordinator will begin announcing the participants for each spot. There will be a 15 minute window of contact: If the creator does not respond or come to take their spot, the coordinator will move to the next person on the list and move the unresponsive Creator to the bottom of that day’s list.

6) Creator Space participants may sell items at their space. If they have a Maryland Tax ID, they should bring this information with them to the event. If they do not have a Maryland Tax ID, they will be required to fill out an Exhibitor’s Affidavit, which requires providing your name and contact information.

7) Creator Space participants may not sell commercial items in their space. Commercial items means items not made by the Creator themselves (i.e. general merchandise, general market DVD’s, CD’s, or any other items normally sold in retail stores–unless these items are made by the Creator). The Creator Space is meant to be a place for Creators to show their own work.

8) Intervention may use audio and/or video recording devices to record the Creator Space for promotional or commercial use. By applying to be a part of the Creator Space you agree to allow Intervention to use your likeness and any recorded footage/audio of your actions in the Creator Space now and in perpetuity for any promotional, commerce, archival, or educational uses.

9) We are not copyright cops and take no responsibility for your items. You are responsible for any and all legal issues that arise out of your items for sale. We will follow all laws of the U.S.A. and Maryland though, so please make sure you are aware of those laws.

10) Adult items and images of a sexual nature should be displayed in a manner that minimizes their exposure to minors. Images and items should be placed in books, boxes, or under protective cover with clear labeling that announces their 18+ content. Failure to properly keep minors away from 18+ items will get you a warning, with a second offense potentially leading to your removal from the Creator Space for the weekend. In other words, let’s not be stupid and try to sell things to kids that they shouldn’t see or buy.

11) Electricity. By default you will not have access to electrical outlets.

12) Illegal items. You may not sell any items that are illegal or regulated in the U.S.A and Maryland. This includes (but not limited to): Firearms, Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription drugs, Illegal drugs, etc. Also, you can’t sell food or candy, the hotel prohibits those items from being sold.

13) To take possession of your Creator Space table at the con you need to bring official government issued identification. Please note that you must be 18 years or older, or have a parent or guardian in attendance to sign for you if you are under that age–this is also true for submitting your application in the first place–contract law requires adult acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

You can apply for a spot in the Creator Space for Friday, September 16th online using the form below:

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What items do you plan to sell or display at Intervention? (required)

By submitting this form you have read and agree to our Creator Space terms and conditions listed above. (required)

To submit the form uncheck the following box and then click the submit button:

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