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Note:Application for the Exhibitor Hall for 2016 are now closed.

Other Note: If you are interested in being in our Creator Space, you can find details on that here.

What We Are
Terms and Conditions
Application Form

What We Are


Exhibitors at Intervention are usually artists, small businesses, corporate sponsors, guests, and local businesses. Each exhibitor will be reviewed based on the following points:

– YOUR WORK AND WARES: Is your work original? Interesting? Indie? Different? Do you have something to say?

– HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE SHOW: Do you have a unique point of view? Are you really excited about what we are doing?

– HOW SOON YOU GET YOUR APPLICATION IN: This isn’t the primary factor by any means, but it is a factor since we sold out very early last year.

Our Exhibitors Hall has a capacity of 25 tables. The room is closed and locked overnight.

Exhibitors Hall Hours:


Friday: 2pm to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm



Tables are $150. This includes one (1) table and two (2) convention Registration Badge. You may purchase additional Registration Badges for your table helper(s) at the rate of $50 each.

Exhibitors Hall Benefits:


– A 6 ft. X 30in. table with plain white or black table skirt:

– Setup time: Setup on Friday (16th) starts at 11:00am, setup on Saturday and Sunday start at 9:00 am.

– The room will be locked and secured each night.

– We’ll list your name, a clickable link to your website or store, a thumbnail of your work (if provided to us), plus a short description of your wares so that we can help people find you.

– This is a curated Exhibitors Room, so everyone has a chance – not just the people who stayed up to midnight and clicked really fast. (We still recommend you apply as soon as you can, though. We do fill up quickly and had 3x the number of applications that the room could hold last year. We have to fill the tables up as soon as we can, so while speed isn’t the sole factor in selection, it benefits you to get in ASAP.)

– Your own registration desk: There is no reason you should wait in the attendee registration line. You will be able to pick your badge up at the same time you check in to your table.



Q: How do I register for a table?
A: Registration is open now. Please review the terms of service on this page below and use the application form to submit your table request. NOTE: While we recommend you apply as soon as possible due to our high demand, this is not a land-grab. We will be curating this Exhibitors Hall so that there is a diverse mixture of artists and vendors. This will not be primarily based on who clicks the fastest.

Q: Hey, I’m new. Do I even have a chance of getting into this thing?
A: Of course! We are not screening new people out. You folks are part of what makes this scene so great. We want to ensure that there is a diverse range of products and that the Exhibitors Hall is not limited to who stayed awake in front of their computer clicking the mouse.

Q: How big are the tables?
A: They will be 6 ft. X 30in. tables. You also get 2 chairs.

Q: Does the table price include convention registration?
A: yes, for two people.

Q: How many tables can I buy?
A: 1 per person/entity. If you are a group of creators and want to coordinate your table purchases we will accommodate that through the application process and you should apply separately.

Q: Can I sublet my table?
A: No, not without contacting us first. Sublets must be submitted to us for approval first. We reserve the right to ban anyone who is subletting without authorization. It’s in your best interest anyway – don’t you want us to advertise all of you on the website?

Q: Can I sit next to my friends?
A: We will try our best to accommodate seating requests, but this must be articulated to us when you apply for you table, or at least 1 month before the event. We cannot move tables around the day of the con.

Q: Do I need to buy a registration before applying for my Exhibitors Hall table?
A: You do not need to register before applying for a table. We can charge you all at once if you get in. (If you want to go regardless of if you get a table, it is best to register early, though.)

Exhibitors Hall Terms and Conditions


The following are the Terms and Conditions for submitting for, and purchasing a table, in the Exhibitors Hall at Intervention 7.

1) We’re doing something different with the Exhibitors Hall at Intervention 7. As opposed to a “land grab” where the fastest clicker gets a table, we will be taking applications and reviewing each one to see how your presence can add to the overall experience of the con. We aren’t basing our decision solely on your “skill level”, but on what you as a presence can do to bring exciting items and services to our con attendees, so both new people and veterans are encouraged to apply.

2) On the application is a section where you tell us what you will be selling or doing at the con at your table. Honestly, this is to prevent some scammers from getting tables at the con. What we’d like is a general overview of what you will be bringing (so telling us you sell t-shirts with your own designs, or you do portraits of people in their costumes, or you sell jewelry are things we want to know). Also, we expect to see a link to your store site or where you advertise your wares online. We’ll be up front here–if all you do is copy other people’s artwork you won’t get a table–and if you try to snow job us and show up with a ton of knock off prints you won’t get a spot. We aren’t against fan art, but if you aren’t really doing anything special there’s a good shot you won’t get in, so don’t waste our time or yours.

3) Your table purchase gives you one (1) 6 ft table and 2 chairs. Due to space constraints we are unable to sell more than one table per entity.

4) You may NOT subdivide a table without submitting information on this application for ALL members of the table in terms of sales items or services. So, in other words, you can, as a collective, buy a table, but your listing of items and services has to outline all members of the collective.

5) As part of your registration Intervention will, if you wish, place your name (or company name) along with a clickable HTML link to your site, on the main Intervention website as part of the listing of Exhibitors Hall participants. You will also be listed, again if you wish, within the con book.

6) Exhibitors Hall participants may not engage in music, speech, or other endeavors which disrupt the general peace of the location. In other words, no shouting, blasting of music, or other disruptive actions. You also may not “poach” customers from other tables by attempting to get their attention in an aggressive manner. Let’s all play fair. Breaking of this rule will get you one warning. Further disruptions will result in removal from the Exhibitors Hall permanently with no refund given.

7) Intervention may use audio and/or video recording devices to record the Exhibitors Hall for promotional or commercial use. By applying to be a part of the Exhibitors Hall you agree to allow Intervention to use your likeness and any recorded footage/audio of your actions in the Exhibitors Hall now and in perpetuity for any promotional, commerce, archival, or educational uses.

8) You may not take or appropriate chairs or other resources of other Exhibitors Hall participants without gaining clearance from the Exhibitors Hall coordinator. You may also not have regular attendees of Intervention behind your table without first gaining clearance from the Exhibitors Hall coordinator.

In other words, don’t grab other things from other people’s tables, and you can’t stuff a ton of people behind your table who aren’t a part of your defined group. (this is to prevent any one group from encroaching on the space of other vendors) We’re flexible though, so talk to the Exhibitors Hall coordinator first in all cases. Note: we can assist you with “table sitters” if you need to temporarily leave the Vendor Room for bathroom breaks / food / etc.–talk with Exhibitors Hall staff to coordinate this.

9) We are not copyright cops and take no responsibility for your items. You are responsible for any and all legal issues that arise out of your items for sale. We will follow all laws of the U.S.A. and Maryland though, so please make sure you are aware of those laws.

10) Adult items and images of a sexual nature should be displayed in a manner that minimizes their exposure to minors. Images and items should be placed in books, boxes, or under protective cover with clear labeling that announces their 18+ content. Failure to properly keep minors away from 18+ items will get you a warning, with a second offense potentially leading to your removal from the Exhibitors Hall with no refund. In other words, let’s not be stupid and try to sell things to kids that they shouldn’t see or buy.

11) Electricity. By default you will not have access to electrical outlets. If you absolutely need one please let us know and we can contact the Hilton for a price quote on setting this up. This is entirely up to them and their pricing. You would have to make a contract with them for these services (but we can assist with setting this up).

12) Illegal items. You may not sell any items that are illegal or regulated in the U.S.A and Maryland. This includes (but not limited to): Firearms, Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription drugs, Illegal drugs, etc. Also, you can’t sell food or candy, the hotel prohibits those items from being sold.

13) Refunds: Refunds for tables will be paid back in full if we receive a cancellation request by by August 31, 2016 @ 12AM EST. After that point no refunds for tables will be provided because it’s difficult to find anyone to replace you that close to the event and we still have to pay the Hilton for your space.

14) To take possession of your table at the con you need to bring official government issued identification. Please note that you must be 18 years or older, or have a parent or guardian in attendance to sign for you if you are under that age–this is also true for submitting your application in the first place–contract law requires adult acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

15) All displays must be free standing and can’t encroach into attendee walk path areas or other vendor space. You also can’t attach things to the walls or mess up the floors. Leave the hammer and nails at home.

16) If we missed something we may add new terms and conditions at a later time (sorta doubtful though)–but if we do you will be informed of this and can choose to retract your application for a full refund if you disagree with the revision or change.

Exhibitors Hall Application Form


Please fill out all parts of the form that are marked “required”. Please note you need to check the “accept terms and conditions” box AND uncheck the other box to submit the form. (the second box is an anti-spam measure). Please read carefully all of the FAQ entries and Terms and Conditions on this page–your submission is your acknowledgment that you accept them.

Applications for the Exhibitor Hall for 2016 are now closed.

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