We are a grassroots effort.

We need your help to fund this event, but we also want to give you cool stuff in return.

Intervention is here to Intervene and Inspire:

– Educational panels and workshops taught by the pros.

– Supporting local and indie artists who use the internet to DIY reach out to their audience.

– Gaming, Fan Suggested Geekery, Dance Parties, and unique performances like Super Mario Belly Dance.

Help us empower people to use the internet to take charge of their creativity and lives.

What if I can’t attend this year?
Even if you can’t attend the con, you can make an impact. If you donate an amount equal to any of the Enabler levels you will still get the mail-able items for that level!

OK, I’m coming to Intervention this year! How do I donate?

– First, book your room (link coming soon) and register as soon as you can. (The more people we have registered the more opportunity we have to bring bigger events, companies, and guests. Your support really counts!)

– Click to our registration page and register for the event. (If you already registered, you can upgrade your membership to add an Enabler Level, too.)

$25: Level 1 Enabler
– Invitation to the special Enabler party at the con.
– First crack at limited events or workshop signups.
– Special 3D Printed Enabler Badge Companion Piece:

Intervention 5 Example

$50: Level 2 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Special Intervention Poster which contains exclusive artwork.

$85: Level 3 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Mentioned on the Intervention website in a list of “Enablers”.
– Special Enabler T-Shirt. (Not sold or available to the public.)

$125: Level 4 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Invite to Special Guest “Meet and Greet” Event.
– Mentioned on the Intervention blog.

$250: Level 5 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Mentioned in Con Book with ability to place a short message next to name (140 characters)*

$500: Level 6 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Preferred seating at events.

$1000: Level 7 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Free admission to Intervention for life.

$2500: Level 8 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– A Panel Room at Event named after you (with sign)

$5,000 Level 9 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Assigned personal assistant at the con.

$10,000 Level 10 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Free Green Room (Guests and Staff area) access at Intervention for life.

The T-shirt all Enabler level 3 or above receive:

(Intervention 5 example)

* Please note that all options which include text/names/URL’s to be displayed are subject to review by the convention for appropriate content. In cases deemed inappropriate the enabler will be asked to resubmit their request. If in doubt please contact Intervention to clear any submission in advance of Enabler level purchase.

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