How does this work?

Intervention is run entirely by volunteers who believe in the concept. It shows because we have the most welcoming, friendly, professional, and highest quality event out there. We don’t just accept anyone who walks in the door as Intervention Staff. We are kind of like a family – we support each other and we make awesome things happen. Friendliness to our attendees and Customer Service is a big, massive, huge deal here. We are not “just volunteers” we are building something that is and will make a difference in people’s lives.

If you love what you do, can remain cool under pressure, and want to be part of a supportive family that looks darn awesome on your resume – this is the place for you.

We have 2 designations of people who run the event: Full Time Staff (Staff) and Gophers.

What is the difference between Staff and Gopher?

Staff: Staff are here to primarily make the con happen. Having fun also happens but it is secondary. The level of responsibility is higher and they qualify for Staff Perks.
Gophers: Gophers are here to enjoy the con and may decide to donate a few hours of their time helping out. Depending on the number of hours worked (minimum of 12 over the weekend), they may be able to earn free admission to the con next year.

What are Staff Perks?

Food: The Intervention Culinary Team makes hot, fresh meals all weekend to keep our staff going. Full time staff have access to this room.

Crash Space: Staff Crash Space consists of shared rooms that staff can use for every full day that they work the con. (EX: If you arrive on Friday and work all day Friday, you can get Crash Space that night.)

T-Shirt: All staff get a free Enabler T-Shirt – this T-Shirt is only available to Enablers and Staff.

VIP Access to Guests: If you are working the con, you can’t get much closer to our Guests and the inner workings.

References and Network: All Full Time Staff have the option of using Oni or Harknell as a reference on their resume. You also have a new network of professional con staffers whom all work in various industries during the day!

To apply please go to and fill out the application.

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