Cosplay Photo Op Schedule!


Want to get some pro photos of your cosplay taken this weekend? Go to our photo booth and use the green screen to be on any number of classic sci-fi sets!

Here’s our cosplay photo schedule:


Friday 3pm – 5pm, 7pm – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 11:30am, 4pm – 6:30pm, 8pm – close
Sunday – Celebrity Photo Ops Only

And remember we’ve got our hall cosplay contest going on. If you wear your cosplay in the halls, you might get a prize button from one of our staffers! So be ready to show off your creations tonight and tomorrow!


SCHEDULE CHANGE: Alex Kingston Spotlight moved to Saturday at 5 PM


Alex Kingston’s spotlight panel, which was originally scheduled for Saturday at 8 PM in Main Events, has been moved to Saturday at 5 PM (still in Main Events). It is switching places with Robert Axelrod’s spotlight panel.

This change has been reflected on the programming schedule on this site.


Intervention’s Hall Cosplay Contest!



Got a cool costume to show off at the con? Bring your best costumes to Intervention this year and you may just get a prize in our hall cosplay contest!

Over the course of the weekend, our head of press Angela Pritchett and our community manager Kara Dennison — award-winning cosplayers themselves — will be giving special pinback buttons to their favorite cosplayers! Each will be giving away one button a day, courtesy of the Button Down Pinback Party!

And if you’d like to buy high-quality photos of your cosplay, stop by the photo-op room between celebrity photos! You can get cool backdrops from all your favorite sci-fi shows to make your cosplay extra special! Check our programming schedule and go when there are no photo-ops on to get your own great pics!


CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING: Robots vs. Monsters!

Our children’s programming track recently sent us a video of them testing out the robots our young attendees will be able to build this weekend. Check it out!

Come in Saturday morning at 10 AM to build your own mini-robot with your kids!

There are lots more cool things happening in this year’s Robots vs. Monsters-themed Children’s Programming track, including designing your own monsters, building escape pods, engaging in mini-battles, and getting voice-acting classes from special guests to help you perfect your monster or robot voice! Participants will also have the chance to design next year’s poster for the track.

Full details are available on our Children’s Programming page.


For the Love of Spock: Our Contest Winner!


As you may recall, we recently ran a contest on social media with the prize being two tickets to For the Love of Spock‘s opening night at Old Greenbelt Theatre. Our winner, Don Klees, took his young son with him for the premiere, and they both had a fantastic time!

If you’re a member of the InterventionCon Fans group on Facebook, you can read Don’s thoughts on the film here. If you’re not… well, first off, we’d love to have you join! But we’ve also posted a small piece of it below:

Above all, For the Love of Spock is the story of a life lived fully on and off the screen. By Leonard Nimoy’s own admission, for much of his life, he had “a major in career and a minor in family”, but the film makes it abundantly clear that his devotion to his family was the driver of his focus on that career. This commitment, combined with embodying a character who – despite what many (foolishly) labeled a satanic appearance – represents the better angels of human nature, suggests that posterity will look as favorably on Leonard Nimoy the man as it will on the character of Mister Spock. It’s hard to imagine a better tribute to Star Trek and the hopeful vision it depicts as the series celebrates its 50th birthday.

For more information on For the Love of Spock and to download it from iTunes, visit the official website. Check your local theatres for showtimes, and if you’re in Maryland, consider visiting our friends at the Greenbelt!

And don’t forget, pre-reg for Intervention 7 ends tonight at 11:59 PM Eastern! If you want to take part in our addition to the Star Trek celebration with guests like René Auberjonois, Dwight Schultz, David Gerrold, and many more, register now! After tonight, weekend passes go up to $65 and will only be available at the door.

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