Art Supply Trade Table: Share with Fellow Creators!


Have some art supplies you’d like to share or trade out? Got something lying around the house you think a creator could make use of? Or just want to donate to a good cause? Bring it along to Intervention and swap out at our art supplies table!

The rules are simple: if you leave an item, you can take an item. There will be some really nice things donated by several event participants, including the con chairs. So make sure to bring nice, usable art supplies along to the table, and come away with something new and interesting for yourself!

And don’t forget — you only have a few more hours left to pre-register! Pre-reg closes tonight at 11:59 PM Eastern. After that, badges will be available at the door for $65 (for the weekend). So if you want the best price and the quickest turnaround, pre-reg now!


Pre-reg closes tomorrow, 9/13, at midnight — everyone’s going, and we have the photos and video to prove it!


Looking for major guests and geeky party time without the crushing crowds? Intervention 7 is right around the corner, and we’ve got all sorts of awesome stuff coming your way — check out this video by the people over at the Trekoff Podcast!

This year’s big guests include Alex Kingston (River Song, Doctor Who), René Auberjonois (Odo, Star Trek: Deep Space 9), Juliet Landau (Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Gigi Edgley (Chiana, Farscape), Dwight Schultz (“Howling Mad” Murdock, The A-Team and Lt. Barclay, Star Trek TNG), director Rachel Talalay (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tank Girl, and more), writer David Gerrold (Star Trek), anime voice actor Todd Haberkorn, Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), Jon St. John (Duke Nukem)… and many many more, including actors, filmmakers, artists, and authors!

There will also be panels, workshops, parties, interactive podcasts, dances, and anything-goes cosplay… this guy will even be there!


Pre-reg for the entire weekend is just $60 (seriously!), but that’s only until tomorrow night at 11:59 PM — after that, prices go up to $65 and badges will only be available to purchase at the door. Register now to get in faster and cheaper and get right to the fun! We’ll see you there!


ICYMI: Alex Kingston coming to Intervention!


If you were away on Saturday, you missed the big news — Arthur Darvill has had to cancel his Intervention appearance due to work, and Alex Kingston has stepped up to fill his spot at the con! We’ll miss seeing Arthur, but can’t wait to welcome Alex to the Intervention family!

Our programming schedule and descriptions now reflect these changes, as does our guest page. Our program books have already been printed, so they will still list Arthur as being in attendance; we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

Alex’s two panels — her career spotlight and her Doctor Who-centric panel — will be in Main Events at 8 PM Saturday and 12 PM Sunday respectively.

You can also pre-order autographs and photo ops with Alex for $58 each on our registration form, as well as adding Enabler levels (including Level 4 at $125, which gets you into our exclusive Meet and Greet event with a selection of our guests!). Don’t forget, pre-reg closes tomorrow night at 11:59 PM, so make sure to grab everything you want in advance! We will only be taking cash for autographs and photos at the con.


GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Alex Kingston coming to Intervention!

Due to a work conflict, Arthur Darvill has sadly had to cancel his appearance at Intervention. We will miss having him at the event this year, but wish him all the best.

However. Intervention is a family event, so we’re getting some last-minute help from another Pond. Rory might not be able to make it, but his daughter Melody can…

Please welcome River Song herself, Alex Kingston, to Intervention 7!


While our program books will not be able to reflect this change as they’ve already been printed, our programming schedule on the site and our order form for autographs/photo ops will. If you have preordered autographs or photo-ops with Arthur Darvill, you will be contacted shortly to rectify this issue.

If you’re already registered for this year, you can now pre-pay for autographs and photo-ops with Alex over on our registration form. And if you haven’t and would like to, you have until Tuesday at 11:59 Eastern to get your badge at the pre-reg price of $60! After that, we’ll be taking at-door registration only for $65.

See you in a week, sweeties!


Prereg ends TUESDAY! Get your badge now!


This Tuesday at the end of the day, September 13 at 11:59 PM EDT, preregistration for Intervention 7 will close! That means you only have a few days left to get a weekend pass at the prereg price of $60! After that, you can buy a weekend pass at the door for $65 (provided we don’t hit our attendance cap).

$65 is still an awesome price for a weekend full of panels with guests like Arthur Darvill and René Auberjonois, hands-on panels and workshops, and a special two-hour multimedia presentation courtesy of Thomas Dolby. But if you want the best possible price and the least time in line before getting right to the cool stuff, preregister online now! You can also purchase autographs and photo-ops in advance for some of our guests!

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