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Arg Event – What We Do In The Dark! Vampire Convention Game!

Like Interfection before it the convention has caught something worse than con-crud, Vampirism! Join your friends and meet new people as you move around the convention staking the undead and turning humans to your will.

11 am to 6pm friday and saturday, special events at 1, 3, and 5
Final event sunday at noon, awards given at 1pm.

Friday Evening 8pm American Gods – til Death Do Us Part.

After Mr Wednesday’s last gambit the remaining pantheons mush marshal their strength and nothing brings people together like a wedding!. Ask not for whom the bells toll, they toll for thee!

Saturday 3pm Panel & Game
What is Larp? A beginner’s guide to Larping;

what is involved and how to start one in your own area.

Leads into a 4pm Shattered Hero! A Freeform Larp. If you are a beginner but want to jump right in you can join us at 4. Help a hero of legend regain their lost past and set them on the road to greatness or villainy.

Sat 8pm Certamen:the Wizards’ Duel.

Come and have fun with our LARP system, Hermetica. Two schools of magic alike in honor meet on this battlefield to learn who is the fastest wand in the mid atlantic.

More LARP events will be announced at the event and posted in our dedicated LARP room. Check there over the course of the event to participate in more live Action Roleplaying!

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