Con hours: The con runs mostly nonstop from Friday at 3PM until Sunday at 4PM!

Intervention 7 Programming Descriptions:
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016

Full Time Geek: The Challenges of Making a Living from Your FandomHow can you have a job working on something you love and still love it? How do you turn a hobby into a business? How do you have fun with a high-pressure job? Ben Penrod is the founder of Awesome Con, and somehow managed to turn his quest to avoid a “real job” into a business with a half dozen employees that work all year long creating fan conventions. He is obsessed with Batman, Disney, Harry Potter, ASOIAF, and watches more WWE than should be humanly possible.
Duke Nukem vs Lord Zedd: Jon St John and David Axelrod in conversationA candid chat with two distinguished actors.
Twin Peaks & Other Lynch Projects25 years later, the highly anticipated third season of Twin Peaks is in the can, to be broadcast in 2017. Join our panelists as they discuss the legacy of Twin Peaks, where it's been and where it might be going. And just what is the Black Lodge, anyhow?
Game of ThronesHBO's Game of Thrones is a blockbuster mainstream success bringing swords, sorcery, and mideval-style political intrigue to a whole new generation. Join our panel of enthusiasts to discuss the high points of GOT so far. This panel will focus mainly on the HBO TV Series (spoiler alert if you aren't caught up).
Cinema and Sorcery: A Crash Course on Fantasy FilmFrom the dawn of feature films, fans—be they artists, gamers, visionaries, writers, or dreamers—have drawn inspiration from the big screen. Dr. Arnold T Blumberg will discuss his new book: Cinema & Sorcery. Embark on a decades-long journey through time from the earliest days of sword and sorcery films up to the present day. Learn the who, the what, the where, and the how of your favorite fantasy movies (and perhaps a few you may have never even heard of until now). So turn up your Krull soundtrack, slip into your Labyrinth t-shirt, and brush up on your Princess Bride quotes, this is Cinema & Sorcery: The Crash Course on Fantasy Films!
LORD ZEDD’S VOICE OVER 101; SO YOU WANT TO BE A VO STARRobert teaches some of the basics to creating a successful voice over career, then gives the fans a chance to ‘audition’ on the microphone with actual professional voice over copy.
Expanded Worlds of TrekThe novels, The comics, the games, the animated series, the toys! Join us for a discussion of the many expanded worlds of Trek.
Club 242: Dance PartyClub 242 returns to Intervention with a Saturday night DJ dance party featuring sound and visuals inspired by Science Fiction and fandom! Music by Dave Ghoul and DJ Kangal, lights and visuals by the Intervention Tech Crew.
Adventures in Voice ActingJoin our distinguished panel of voice actors as they discuss their many adventures and mis-adventures in the studio and out, with some voice acting tips along the way.
Star Trek: The Next Generation : 29 Years LaterAs Star Trek celebrates it's 50th anniversary, the Next Generation heads towards it's 30th. Let's look back on the beginnings of the show!
Deep Space 9: Ahead of Its TimeJoin Rene Auberjonois for an indepth moderated discussion on the themes of Deep Space 9 and how some of the topics tackled by the show are even more relevant today than when originally broadcast.
Oceans Unmoving - The RPG Liveshow Come see an action packed roleplayed adventure starring Pete Abrams and others (TBA). Set in the outreaches of Abram's Sluggy Freelance webcomic universe, our party will have to master science, sorcery, and swashbuckling if they are to survive. Fans will have opportunities to interact with the game, or can just sit back and watch the hilarity ensue. Run by Dave Joria (Tangent Artists comics; Evil Hat's "Masters of Umdaar") using the Fate Accelerated system. This 2 hour gaming event will take place in the Gaming Room.
Stoneburner: Live PerformanceStoneburner is the solo project from muscian, artist and writer Steven Archer that combines tribal fusion electronic dance music with experimental sounds. Stoneburner is his vision of the music and philosophy of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” book series. It fuses traditional organic instruments and vocals from all over the world with modern electronic dance music in an attempt to tap into the books technological-tribal aesthetic. His hope is that the project will do justice to the novel’s vision of Arrakis and it’s warrior inhabitants. Live shows are intense and fluid, consisting of multimedia video projections and often incorporate tribal fusion belly dance troupes.
Dwight Schultz: A-Team, Star Trek and MOREJoin Dwight Schultz for a moderated discussion of his experiences on the A-Team, Star Trek, voice acting and MORE!
FarscapeFarscape was the wildest, wackiest show this side of the Uncharted Territories. It had legions of loyal fans who worked to save the show after an untimely cancellation. In this panel, we'll talk about the characters of Farscape, how we helped to bring it back, and if there's going to be a revival.
So, You Wanna Do a Radio Show?It's one thing to think of doing a podcast/radio show on the genre- it's another thing to actually complete the task, and maintain. Today's technology has given everyone the opportunity to lend their voice to the proceedings- but, how do you create a program that ACTUALLY STANDS OUT? Joey Reynolds, who also goes by the radio name Joey Donovan, has had over 30 years in the broadcast industry, from podcast shows on Doctor Who to a nationally syndicated radio talk program on the genre to running a streaming audio service for genre talk programs. His rising tide of experience can help lift your boat to where you want it to go.
Time-Limited Creative Challenges - Oh yes, you can!Time-limited creative challenges like NaNoWriMo and the RPM Challenge are designed to get creative people moving from "one day" to "everyday". They may seem daunting, but they are absolutely within the grasp of YOU, even if you're a beginner with no experience. This panel/workshop shares tales from the trenches to explore the goals of several popular challenges, how to get started, and how to "succeed", no matter what life throws at you! We'll also discuss how the experience can help with your creative life long after the challenge is over.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Directors: Best Practices
Hear from our guests who have been both behind and in front of the camera on the best direction they've every experienced while working on stage, film and television.
Video Gaming: Playing to LearnCome hear about and discuss applications of video games and board games in educational setting.
Managlitch City InteractiveJoin us as we return to the world of Managlitch City Underground as audience members
help us record a long-lost script from Managlitch's favorite space opera, "Captain
TREKOFF: The Motion PictureJoin us in our Video Room to see the movie "Trekoff: The Motion Picture", and hear about the production of the film by the team that produced it: Endlight Entertainment
Did Science Fiction Destroy Our Future?We may all be Sci-fi geeks, but did any of us expect the future we live in? By having Sci-Fi over promise did it make science look like it underdelivered? Did the public give up on human space flight because there was no Buck Rogers?
The Children of the (Digital) RevolutionWhen we severed the cord that tethered our devices to geographic locales, we effectively made ourselves cybernetically telepathic and able to cast our thoughts across the globe on a whim. For the generation that grew up in the midst of this transformation - the digital natives - the changes seem all but imperceptible. Their elders who lived through the changes may feel like visitors: strangers in a strange land. Author, digital pioneer, and geek dad Jason Cranford Teague explains how the gap between generations is not as wide as many think. Whether you are a parent raising one of these digital natives, a professional trying to reach this audience, or a digital native yourself; learn how technology is changing the way communication works.
Satellite 5's Science Fiction Trivia Show
Intervention 7 will feature fan participation trivia game shows featuring spotlight shows on Doctor Who, Star Trek, and on Sci-Fi/Fantasy in general. Fans of all ages can participate in Jeopardy-type trivia shows featuring wireless buzzers just like on TV game shows. Games will be hosted by the Time-Lord of Trivia, John Horne of Jam Machine Productions from Pennsylvania. John Horne is a 34 year veteran DJ/MC from Pennsylvania and started his Trivia Game Show system in 2010 to overwhelming acclaim. In March, the show was featured all weekend during Regeneration Who 2 and featured Classic and New Whovian trivia and is proud to bring his game show experience to Intervention!
Boldly Going Nowhere LIVE!The Internet...the final frontier. These are the travels of Boldly Going Nowhere. Our on-going mission? To explore the strange new realms of pop culture, to seek out the most exciting tidbits of nerd news of the week.
Rene Auberjonois : SPOTLIGHTJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
Gigi Edgley : SpotlightJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
SyFy's "The Expanse" - Waking the LeviathanThe SyFy mini-series, "The Expanse," which is based on the books by James S. A. Corey, has been called "Game of Thrones" in space because of it's scope and complexity. 200 years in the future, mankind has colonized the Moon, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt. On Ceres, a cop is tasked to find a missing heiress. In the Belt, a cargo ship answers a mysterious distress call. And on Earth, a diplomat tries to uncover a conspiracy that could lead to a war. Let's talk about this fascinating show, as well as what's in store for Season 2.
Todd Haberkorn: SPOTLIGHTJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
ROBERT Robert Axelrod Presents:
The Best of Robert Axelrod
Robert assays his entire career story, from comedy in kindergarten, through the Power Ranger years and beyond to present time. Question & Answer.
Jon St. John: SPOTLIGHTJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
Juliet Landau: SPOTLIGHTJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
John Peel : Author SpotlightJohn Peel discusses what it's like to write for a wide variety of genres and official franchises.
Pete Abrams - Almost Two Decades of Sluggy FreelanceAfter over nineteen years of daily content, people must wonder just how crazy Pete Abrams actually is. You can ask Pete questions, and watch him skillfully (?) dodge the point. Pete will also discuss plans and the changes coming to Sluggy Freelance after the 20+ mark!
REAL TALK: Oni Hartstein’s Guide to Marketing Your Work Online (New for 2016)Oni has been talking about Marketing in its various forms since Intervention started, but this year it’s radically different. Today’s political climate, changes to social media, and how people’s habits have evolved has drastically changed how you should be marketing your art, film, book, music or other creative work. Oni will talk about what works today, what no longer works and will give you a breakdown of where her financial earnings come from. She’ll give an overview of how to work with the press, sponsorships, and will prepare you for what happens when you begin to achieve a level of success. (SPOILER: Your life actually will get harder.) This will prepare you to leverage what you’ve built and not crash and burn under the pressure of haters and sabotage. This is the updated Real Talk about how you can shine when others have a multimillion dollar budget but you do not. Panel ends with an open Q&A.
50 Years of The Doctor...and CountingDoctor Who has been running for over 50 years. With a show that's run that long there's plenty to talk about. Join our panelists as they discuss their memories of the series and find out about the other parts of the extended universe in areas like books and Big Finish audio dramas.
Drawpocalypse Art Collective Presents : Drink and Draw Friday Night Social ClubIntervention's Drink and Draw party. Come listen to music, have some drinks, and do your art. Artists of any type are welcome, so draw, record, write, or dance!
Go For It! Taking The Leap to Full-Time Artist/CreatorMany Intervention guests have cut the cord from their day jobs and gone on to develop successful businesses as writers, webcomic artists, musicians, and more. Join these panelists in a free-for-all Q&A discussion and ask everything you've ever wanted to know about quitting your job and going pro.
Public Speaking 101Do you want to be up at the front of the room speaking on a panel? Do you want to be more successful selling your stuff and talking with people about your work? Get advice on how to speak in public from the pros who have been doing it for years.
Social Media: BEST and WORSTCan you be a successful indie artist, or in any profession, without being heavily involved with social media? If not you, who else will do it for you? If you aren't sure what you should do, or how to do it, come learn the basics of how to get started getting the word out about your work. Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites can be lots of fun and great marketing tools--or just another way to fritter away an afternoon. Find out how to get the most out of social media with tips on when and what to share, tricks to keep you on track, and what is definitely, absolutely not worth your--or your followers'--time.
So, How'd We Do?This panel is the last panel of the con. Come give Harknell, Oni, and the rest of the Intervention team your feedback on the event. We encourage you to make suggestions for next year as well.
Story ArcsWhat is a Story Arc? How are they created? How are they maintained? How do you keep your audience involved in the Story Arc? When are good times to create and employ Story Arcs? Where are good places to apply Story Arcs? Come join your host as this important constructions of fiction are discussed along with much more on this subject. Bring your questions, comments, and answers.
Stuff on Stuff: Merchandising Your Artwork on T-Shirts and MoreHow do you go about getting your items printed on stuff? What do you need to know about formats, costs, and contracts? And how can you make money off the result? Come get tips on the start to finish process of merchandising your work
Writing and Creating Three Dimensional CharactersWhen writing an adventure or a story, having characters that the readers can get into is half the battle. If the readers or players become intrigued by the characters, then the rest of the story will fall into place. Join our panelists as they discuss creating vibrant and dynamic characters that will grip your audience.
What Is Stopping You From Making Something Awesome?What key obstacles hold people back from being Awesome? Let's have an open discussion on projects/endeavors you want to do, but are having trouble with, and our panelists and the crowd will help you overcome your obstacles. At the end of the workshop, attendees should feel energized and ready to jump into new projects, or jump back into those they were stuck in.
Button Down for WHAT!?!A thrilling presentation about the rise of the pinback button. Presented via 238 eye popping black and white transparencies. Monotone voice? Oh, yes. I'm kidding. No transparencies. No voice. But you WILL learn a little something about buttons. Buttons have been mainstays in advertising and political campaign alike for over a century and have become a staple in convention Artist Alleys. Button covered jackets, hats, purses and lanyards adorn both veteran and newbie con attendees alike! It seems fair to say that buttons are a pretty special part of con culture. This July, the pinback button we all know and love turns 120 years old and to commemorate the event Red Fish Rue Fish is not simply throwing a one-off birthday party, we're launching the Button Down Pinback Party. And we're teaming up with artists across the country to make that magic happen!

Learn more about Button Down 2016-2017, swap buttons and make one pinback button of your own (for free).
James Suriano: Author SpotlightA chat with Author James Suriano about his novels "Inbiotic", "The Antarcticans", and his recently published novel "Dark".
Superheros on Film"Marvel", "DC", and other comics based movies - which movies that originated as comics are most successfully making the transition from the page to screen? Come join our expert panelists!
Loving the Alien: Portraying an Alien in Science FictionOur actor guests discuss their experience playing extraterrestrial characters.
Evil United: Portraying the VillianOur actor guests discuss their experience playing villians
Land of the LostMarshall, Will and Holly on a routine your raft down the waterfall and hide out in a Pylon as we discuss one of the most beloved children's shows from the 1970s!
The Computer is Willing, but the Spirit is Weak: How to Build the Motivation to Keep Going Everyone hits that point in their career - where it seems like a wall has popped up in front of your creativity or output. How do you find the motivation to keep on working? Our panelists will talk about the techniques they've used to move forward and keep their motivation and creative juice flowing.
Star Power Q&AIn the far future, a young astronomer on a distant space station is chosen to wield the Star Power. Now, as the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, she must protect and explore a galaxy far more dangerous and wondrous than she could have ever imagined. Meet the Creators Michael Terracciano and Garth Graham!
Steampunk to Cyberpunk: A HistoryJoin our panelists for an in-depth look at two of the most engaging and popular sub-genres of science fiction. The genres' origins, central thematic elements, major works that define the genres will be discussed, as well as how the two relate to each other. In addition to discussing the history of these two genres, discussion of the subcultures that have evolved from these genres will also be discussed: what it means to be steampunk/cyberpunk and what the genres and subcultures say about us as a society.
We Are the InterventionIt's the start of Intervention 7, come talk to showrunners Oni Hartstein and James Harknell--ask questions, give them your feedback, and get the event rolling.
Writing Unique Heroes and Memorable VillainsTired of square-jawed do-gooders, angst-ridden "anti-heroes", weak heroines in little outfits, and villains who are antagonists for trivial reasons? Come get some tips, pointers and advice on how to make your heroes and villains stand out and live forever in someone's memory.
Comics HistoryFrom newspaper comics at the end of the 19th century, to pulp comic books, webcomics and graphic novels, the history of comics is rich and varied. Come talk to our experts on the topic who will speak about some of the highlights of comic history.
Designing Your First BookYou finally have enough strips in your archive, or words on a page -- now you think it's time to put them in a book. What makes a good book design? From cover design to interior. Also, a discussion on POD printing and other options for self-publishing creator.
Thinking Outside the Boombox: Surviving as an Independent Artist or MusicianHow has music and art creation, marketing and distribution changed on the last decade? And where is it going? Join our experts for a spirited discussion!
The State of Webcomics in 2016A diverse group of webcomic creators unite for a panel that discusses the current state of webcomics as a medium .
OWL'S FLOWER Book Launch PartyWhat happens when a nature god with anxiety falls in love with a barista? Be among the first to find out about the new light novel series OWL'S FLOWER! Written by Kara Dennison ('The Perennial Miss Wildthyme,' 'Associates of Sherlock Holmes') and illustrated by Ginger Hoesly (featured artist for SDCC 2014-15, the Doctor Who World Tour, and BBC America's 'Doctor's Notes'), this new series is equal parts coffee shop romance, mythology from around the globe, and scary monsters. Come to the launch party for a preview of the first two books in the series, samples of recipes included in the books, door prizes, and more!
David Gerrold: SpotlightJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
Children's ProgrammingStop by our dedicated room for children's programming where we will have a schedule of activities for kids posted all weekend long!
Publishing Genre Fiction NovelsIn this panel, we'll discuss the difference between genre and literary fiction. We'll discuss what agents and editors are looking for in genre novel manuscript submissions.
Disaster MoviesFrom Airplane 75 to the Poseidon Adventure to Meteor and beyons, Join our panelists for a discussion on one of our guiltiest pleasures, the disaster movie!
Thomas Dolby : A Map of the Floating CityJoin Thomas Dolby for a multi-media lecture/ presentation on his work followed by a short Q&A Session focused on his upcoming memoir "The Speed of Sound". and answer session.
Antipode: Dance PerformanceFusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor, Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.
Art of the Interview: Techniques for Podcast and FilmYou've lined up your guests, you've got the mike placed perfectly, now what? The secret to making a great documentary or having a fascinating podcast is to get a good interview. Learn different techniques for interviewing a variety of subjects, how to ask the right kinds of questions, the importance of a pre-interview, how much research is too much, deciding when to include your own voice, and when it's time to be quiet and let them speak.
Alex Kingston : SpotlightJoin us for a moderated question and answer session.
Before You Hit Record: The Importance of Pre-ProductionWhether your project is audio based like a podcast, or done on film/video, the more effort you put in before you hit the record button, the better the entire process will be. Learn about some of the ways to get organized, the questions you have to ask, strategies for making schedules, how and when to fundraise, and a few of the tricks to promoting a product that doesn't exist yet. Never say "we'll fix it in post" again.
Children of the (Digital) RevolutionWhen we severed the cord that tethered our devices to geographic locales, we effectively made ourselves cybernetically telepathic — able to cast our thoughts across the globe on a whim. For the generation that grew up in the midst of this transformation — the digital natives — the changes seem all but imperceptible. Their elders—who lived through the changes—may feel like visitors: strangers in a strange land. Author, digital pioneer, and geek dad Jason Cranford Teague explains how the gap between generations is not as wide as many think. Whether you are a parent raising one of these digital natives, a professional trying to reach this audience, or a digital native yourself; learn how technology is changing the way communication works.
Creating the Fandom DocumentaryFrom Trekkies to Bronies, documentary filmmakers and fans have increasingly been making films about fandom. But how do you walk that line between filmmaker and fan? How important is objectivity in the first place? What makes a fandom documentary compelling outside of the group that it's focused on? Filmmaker Mary Ratliff discusses the specific pitfalls of making documentaries about geek subjects, and offers specific strategies and advice on navigating the world of filming at conventions.
Creativity and Career vs. Chronic IllnessAny creative endeavor is difficult, and building a career in the arts can be extra challenging. But when you're trying to balance that with a chronic illness, it can seem even more insurmountable. Typical creative advice like "write every day" can be demotivating when a flare up keeps you from your keyboard, and you can't "always be networking" when you're stuck in a doctor's office. Panelists will talk about the challenges they face balancing their medical needs versus their creative desires and what has and hasn't worked for them.
Horror: Folklore and Fairytale:
How Tales of the Past Influence the Narratives of Today
Horror through the ages - how what we are afraid tells us about who we are as a culture or what scares us now vs. what scared us then - The darker side of the Fae - many people think darker or grimmer side of
fairytale is a new thing, but if you look back before the Victorians and Disney, the world of Fairy was an alien and frightening place.
Intro to Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5)Curious about Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio 5) and how it can help you create comics, illustrations, and streamline your workflow? Bring your questions and get a demonstration of this amazing art software!
Jon St. John: Presentation
Join Jon St. John as he presents a multimedia presentation of his many adventures.
The Comical Side of Election SeasonTired of the same old, same old types of candidates running for office? Get a fresh perspective from Joe Woz on some infamous pop culture elections with some comical candidates: Pogo, Pat Paulsen, Bill the Cat and Will Rogers.
Thriving Artists with Rob BalderIn 2016, the idea of the starving artist is now obsolete. People who are seeking a career in the arts can and should thrive economically, but we have to orient our thinking to the times. We must take full advantage of empowering changes in technology, culture, and the marketplace. Rob Balder talks about the economics of the creative marketplace, and the extraordinary new career paths now open to creative professionals.
Time Travel with Alex KingstonAlex Kingston has traveled through time with several incarnations of the Doctor as River Song, a recurring cast member of Doctor Who. She's worked with David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi and now features in a River Song audio series with Big Finish. Join us for an interview as we talk about her adventures acting in time and space.
Publishing in MagazinesIn this panel, we’ll talk about magazines for creative writing (both genre and literary), and why it’s important for emerging and established writers to publish through them. We’ll have tips on how to get the most out of a lit mag, and the secrets to writing a great cover letter to get an editor’s attention. The skills you learn in this session can easily apply to other publication realms, including writing to agents and editors of small book presses.
Write-O-Rama : Quantity leads to Quality! Join our panel of professional writers and writing professors for a discussion on a wide variety of writing exercises and drills to develop your writing skills, whatever your level of expertise.
Star Trek Continues: The PanelJoin two of the actors who have been a part of this acclaimed fan film series continuing the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Star Trek Strikes Gold: The 50th AnniversaryIt may be hard to believe, but Star Trek will be five decades old on September 8, when 50 years ago NBC aired the episode "The Man Trap." What impact has this incredible science-fiction phenomenon had on everyone who saw that first episode to the latest movie, Beyond?
Star Trek: Wargames Ultimate Edition (2-Hour Interactive Event)In this interactive panel hosted by Andrew Kelley, you decide the greatest tactician in Star Trek! The sixteen greatest tacticians in all of Trek go head to head—Captains and Generals, humans and aliens—the proven best of the best are squared off and equally gunned in their famous signature ships to determine who on the Bridge is the ultimate tactical champion! Kirk? Sisko? Picard?Khan? Janeway? Or twelve other geniuses? It is accompanied by an engaging and interactive Powerpoint presentation that progresses along with the game voting and debative discussion. The nature of the panel, its atypical format, and the amount of debate/discussion it always incurs will be a 90 minute to 2hr time slot. This is the new 2016 Ultimate Edition!! New characters! New ships! New outcomes await! Debate it out and cast your votes! Let the Ultimate Wargames begin!!
TREKOFF: Live!The stars of the popular "TREKOFF: The Motion Picture" and "TREKOFF" podcast return to their home at INTERVENTION! This hilarious NSFW performance will feature discussion and laughs about STAR TREK BEYOND, the new STAR TREK TV series, games,stories, and much much more! The raw, hilarious, and sometimes sexy TREKOFF: LIVE! Is the place to be at INTERVENTION.
Want to Start a Convention?Talk to actual convention con-runners about how they got started and what it takes to run a convention. Has to be seen to be believed!

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