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Intervention Con Online Banner Advertising

Intervention Con Online Banner Advertising

Purchase a Banner Ad spot on www.interventioncon.com.

Your ad will appear on the http://www.interventioncon.com website on the left sidebar under the heading "Online Sponsors" and will appear on every page of the Interventioncon.com website. Your ad will appear in the list by order the ads were received and will be added to the bottom of the current listing. (as ads expire the remaining ads are shifted upwards).


Banner ads are image ads with regular HTML links which may have a description of up to 40 characters in length. They must fit within a 160px X 160 px square size and can be in any image format. (after purchase we will contact you to get your image file)

Timeframes and Cost:
You can purchase your ad for different timeframes and save on costs for longer durations. The minimum Timeframe for an ad is 1 month.

  • 1 Month: $55.00
  • 3 Months: $100.00
  • 6 Months: $180.00
  • 1 Year: $250.00

Purchase of an ad from Onezumi Event Inc. is based on your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. By submitting and making payment on your ad purchase you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in advance.

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